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diy christmas stocking holders

diy christmas stocking holders

We just told you about some stocking DIYs so easy to make and instantly bring that vacation feeling to your space. But where are you going to hang them? Once you’ve decided on a mantelpiece or shelf, you will need some hangers or hangers, and you may want a separate shelf. This summary will help you. I have put together a whole bunch of cool DIY enthusiasts to make all kinds of displays and holders. Let’s look at that.

Personalize your stocking ad with a monogram! This cool monogram display can be placed anywhere and is not difficult to edit. Secure your stocking with a mini clothespin. The result is a modern coat hanger that will fit most interiors. Do you want to make it glamorous? Cover the letter with glitter!

Here’s a creative and simple idea for making a display: use a curtain rod to hang them all up. All you need is to attach the rod to your mantelpiece or other room, and don’t forget to put some loops on the stockings to hang them up. Enjoy!

These suspenders fit into a rustic or Scandinavian interior. They are made from wooden cubes and wooden Christmas trees. There are small metal hangers that you can use to hang your stockings. The good thing is that you can place them anywhere so your stocking display is mobile.

For a vintage feel, make a cool vintage book display for your stockings. The old books turn into cool stands in black and white with a shabby effect. Then some hooks are attached to the books and then you can hang the stockings. How do you make such cool hangers? Read the tutorial.

Do you need a pretty rustic stocking display? No problem! Take some galvanized buckets, put something heavy in them, and then attach striped bows to them. The stockings can be placed under the buckets or attached to the loops. You get a slightly rustic feel and a cool mantelpiece look for the mantelpiece. Have fun!

These cute wooden suspenders are blackboard holders – what better way to personalize them? Due to some hardware, the parts are heavy enough to hold the stockings you make. Write your names on the holders or chalk something you like and make them super cool!

This craft is similar to the previous one with the only difference that there are no chalkboards, there are cute and traditional covers in red, green and white – no painting required, just some paper attached. Add colorful bows to the hangers to make them look even more festive and have fun!

Grab some common suspenders and make them special with these ornaments! Take the ones you like and attach them to the holders with hot glue. The idea is very simple and your mantelpiece or shelf will look very much like a vacation.

Who needs a mantelpiece when you can make such a beautiful rack for hanging stockings? The piece is made of dowels and looks modern and glamorous at the same time with some copper-colored accents. Hang up the stockings you want – faux fur stockings for a glamorous feel – and enjoy the effect they create! It’s a really modern take on a traditional stocking shelf!

Take some table legs and a curtain rod to make the coolest stocking shelf ever! The piece has a strong vintage feel to it due to the vintage legs, but you can also try modern ones if you have some on hand. Put the whole rack on the table or mantelpiece, add evergreen plants and small ornaments and enjoy the festive look!

This candy cane garter belt is amazing for any mantelpiece! Paint the frame the candy cane style or any other color combination you like. Attach the holders and decorate the frame with evergreen plants, artificial flowers and ornaments to make it look like you’re on vacation. Hang up your stockings and enjoy!

If you love natural or Nordic decor, this stocking display is for you. It consists of one large branch, or you can take several branches and decorate them with stockings, evergreens and ornaments. Mount the entire display on the wall and voila!

Such a display is a good idea for a kid’s room because the holders are made from wooden toy soldiers. Also choose the stockings in traditional bold colors, watch the whole video to make the halter – not very difficult and looks very moody!

An ordinary pine board and some hooks can be turned into a chic rack for stockings. Paint it the colors you like, add letters and quotes, and attach the hooks. Hang up the stockings and voila! Such a display can be hung anywhere, from the entrance to the living room or kitchen.

Here is another wall shelf for stockings with different letters. You can also take a standard coat rack that fits, renovate it as you see fit, and hang the stockings on it. Such a simple and quick idea for those short on time!

This suspender belt is not just a holder but a storage piece decorated with paint that shows a buffalo check. Put something you like in your box – for example, Christmas trees in buckets, pine cones, or ornaments.

The storage of kitchen knives is always up to date. Some people buy them one at a time and when not in use the knives in a drawer ring and get dull and nicked. Other people store a huge set of nine or ten kitchen knives, six steak knives, a pair of scissors, and a sharpening steel in a huge, angled knife block on the countertop. If you need a cool block to store all of the knives you are currently using, here are some cool tutorials that you might find using.

This cool knife block design takes up less countertop space and shows off the natural beauty of dark walnut wood. The piece is really simple: four vertical boards separated by ten strategically placed partitions. The partitions are shorter than the vertical so that evaporation can be facilitated if a knife is inserted wet after washing. It would be easy to do three or four of these in one afternoon and reserve an additional afternoon for completion.

You can make your own knife block from remnants of PAR pine or meranti and have a practical knife block that holds all kitchen knives for easy access and does no harm to small children in the house. This simple knife block makes a great DIY gift idea too. Read the tutorial to create and finish it and have fun crafting!

Make this simple knife block cheap! Roll up your sleeves and make your own version of such a block. Take some pine shelves and bamboo skewers to fill the box and off you go! The end result is a knife block that you can stick any knife into, very similar to the extremely expensive commercial version. The main advantage is that each new knife fits easily into the block.

Do you want a knife block to scribble on? Even a simple knife block looks a lot more modern with chalk paint and goes with the other black accessories in the kitchen. So you can easily repaint your knife block with blackboard paint. Then decorate with chalk!

Here is another project to upgrade a common knife holder. This tutorial is a lot easier than the previous one because we are using washi tape here. Take the washi tape you like and decorate the block for a cool look. Enjoy!

Color blocking is a very popular way to work with color. It immediately gives your room a modern and fresh feel. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use color to make your existing knife block more bold and modern. Use the schemes from the project or choose different ones to build a bold piece.

Here is a cute and bright knife holder. The tutorial in German shows you how to make it first and then paint and add patterns if you want. Choose the colors and images that go with your kitchen decor and customize your knife block perfectly. Let yourself be inspired and tinker!

Opt for a universal knife holder and you won't have to worry whether your new knife will fit or not! This tutorial shows you how to make a utility knife holder out of a large tin can and wooden skewers to make sure your knives are in place.

What would you say about a transparent knife block? I would say very modern, bold and comfortable! These cute knife blocks are made of cutting boards and plexiglass. So you can see which knife you pull out, and every new knife will find its place here. Read the project and be inspired!

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