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diy christmas coaster gifts

diy christmas coaster gifts

Coasters make great gifts for Christmas, they are usually budget friendly and everyone needs them, so a coaster makes a great gift for anyone. Let’s make some Christmas themed coasters to give away as gifts. Pick a craft that suits your skills, materials, and colors.

These fun candy cane coasters are great for the holidays and winter in general, and can make a great budget-friendly gift. Such a gift is perfect not only for adults, but also for children, since everyone loves candy canes.

These cork coasters are great because they can be customized to your liking. Take some acrylics, stamps, and permanent ink to work on the cork coasters.

This unique coaster with crib is made of resin and of course you will need some time and skill to make it, but the result is totally worth it! Check out the video tutorial in the source.

Cut off some tree slices and paint or color them with Christmas-inspired pictures. Use colors you like and cut the dimensions you want. Here are some of the cutest wooden slice coasters for Christmas!

Do you love snow globes? Then these gingerbread coasters will remind you of Christmas and make a cool gift for the New Year. Get ready to sew!

Take all the tiles you want and add stunning pictures printed on a color printer to make them extra special and cool.

This craft is also about sewing, and here we have cute Christmas ornament coasters made of red and green felt. It’s not difficult and fits into every winter vacation.

These tile coasters are stenciled with cool Christmas trees. All you need is find a cool stencil or make your own and then decorate as many tiles as you need.

Most of us have tissues at home, and tissue boxes usually look very bland and sometimes ugly. Do you want to make it a little cuter? No problem, there are plenty of cool and easy home improvement items out there to help you renovate an ugly tissue box and make it look cool.

We all have handkerchiefs at home, but how can you decorate a box to match your interior or just to be fun and bright? It is easy! Turn your tissue box into a giant Lego! Your children will be delighted and it will be a beautiful colorful detail for your room.

Metallic accents are very on trend on trend, and making a tissue box with a metallic touch is a great idea. Gold leaf will help you renovate the box so that it looks amazing and bold. Read the tutorial which is very easy!

Turn an ordinary tissue box into a gorgeous, girlish one that paints it and adds pearls. Make sure the tape is stuck really well before you start painting. If there are air bubbles around the edge, 100% of the paint will seep through. Read the entire tutorial to find out how it all works.

If you have a Scandinavian interior, you can renovate a tissue box in this style. This tissue box cover is made of gray and black felt and looks very minimalistic and trendy. Of course, you can vary the colors and make any bold field you want.

After looking at an ugly and brown tissue box, you'll want to change it up and possibly add color or a touch of shine. And what could be nicer than with pink spray paint and rhinestones ?! This bold pink tissue box with colorful glamor gemstones is ideal for a girlish space. You can also create a toned down version of this if you want to incorporate it into your everyday decor.

Ombre decor is a very trendy idea and more and more homeowners are choosing pieces like this. You can also renovate your tissue box using ombre painting technique of any color. Read about this in the tutorial.

If you are familiar with crocheting, this tutorial might be a good idea. This craft is all about crocheting a monster sleeve for a tissue box - a great idea for Halloween and just for a kids room! Your kids will love and enjoy taking tissues out of it.

No more ugly tissue boxes in every small room of your house! This cover is made of fabric, leather and there is a large spout on top. Instead of making slits or holes, a large grommet is a much more convenient idea. Check it out for yourself!

This tissue box cover is ideal for winter. This one is meant to be played with, it's all soft and squishy with windows and doors to add and play with. Of course, the real gingerbread house is covered in frosting and candy, and will make your hips expand and your teeth fall out. Here's a calorie-free alternative that will still look great around this time next year.

If you're a fan of the Big Bang Theory, chances are you noticed the cover of the killer tissue box that's on the table next to Sheldon's place. It's a bit of geeky kitsch that definitely stands out! Read the source for how to do it.

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