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diy christmas coaster gifts

diy christmas coaster gifts

Coasters make great gifts for Christmas, they are usually budget friendly and everyone needs them, so a coaster makes a great gift for anyone. Let’s make some Christmas themed coasters to give away as gifts. Pick a craft that suits your skills, materials, and colors.

These fun candy cane coasters are great for the holidays and winter in general, and can make a great budget-friendly gift. Such a gift is perfect not only for adults, but also for children, since everyone loves candy canes.

These cork coasters are great because they can be customized to your liking. Take some acrylics, stamps, and permanent ink to work on the cork coasters.

This unique coaster with crib is made of resin and of course you will need some time and skill to make it, but the result is totally worth it! Check out the video tutorial in the source.

Cut off some tree slices and paint or color them with Christmas-inspired pictures. Use colors you like and cut the dimensions you want. Here are some of the cutest wooden slice coasters for Christmas!

Do you love snow globes? Then these gingerbread coasters will remind you of Christmas and make a cool gift for the New Year. Get ready to sew!

Take all the tiles you want and add stunning pictures printed on a color printer to make them extra special and cool.

This craft is also about sewing, and here we have cute Christmas ornament coasters made of red and green felt. It’s not difficult and fits into every winter vacation.

These tile coasters are stenciled with cool Christmas trees. All you need is find a cool stencil or make your own and then decorate as many tiles as you need.

Wooden rings are a simple item that can be bought in many stores for a few dollars or that can be made from handicrafts. If you have some of these on hand, don't throw them away: there are plenty of easy and cool things you can make of them. First and foremost, these are teething rings and baby pacifiers - a wooden ring is ideal as a basis for this. But there are more other handicrafts to choose from - decorations and accessories for your home. Here you are!

The most natural thing you can do with a wooden ring is of course a napkin ring! Give your table a modern twist this year with these faceted geometric wooden napkin rings. A fun DIY project that is budget friendly and easy to do. Use a darker wood like walnut for your napkin rings and pair it with brightly colored napkins to give your table a bold, updated feel!

A touch of earthy, a touch of minimalist - this DIY wooden wall hanging goes perfectly with a variety of decorating styles, from modern to boho-chic or versatile. And best of all, you don't have to be a craft genius to create this piece of art. All you need are a few simple materials: neutral wooden beads, rings, string and a found branch.

If you have some wooden rings and glue on hand, you can make some minimalist and very stylish pen holders and just keep different things on your desk. Just take the wooden rings and glue them together securely - that's all! You can also paint the resulting pieces if you'd like, or leave them natural for a Scandinavian feel.

For this budget, the author turned an old leather belt and cheap wooden towel ring from the hardware store into a unique and stylish towel ring. The piece is a very chic idea, it is painted gold as metallics is a bold and timeless idea for any room. It fits easily in any modern, industrial, vintage, boho and many other spaces.

Do you have any curtain rings left? Use them to make a cool personalized pendant light yourself! The lamp can be personalized in many different ways by painting the rings in different colors to match your living style. It's great as the final effect is up to you. Leave some of the rings unpainted and just add one accent color in lines with the latest trends: dark pink and anthracite or just the colors that suit your space!

Although it's a little early for Christmas I can't skip this tutorial with wooden rings, it feels like a vacation! Make these ornaments out of wooden curtain rings, it looks very chic and very snowy. When Christmas comes, you decide what to decorate with these chic and cool ring ornaments. Your children can also participate for fun.

How do you make a cool modern lamp? Light! Take a glass shade from an old or unnecessary lamp, take a wooden ring and glue them together! Such a cool modern object is great for displaying many kinds of flowers and green space that you like. Get inspired!

Another easy and cool thing to make wooden rings is a coaster. The idea is pretty simple: make a coaster out of wooden rings and string, choose colorful string for a contrasting and cool look. The craft itself is very easy and is also available to beginners as it is very easy - just clip the rings together by following the instructions from the tutorial, and voila!

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