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diy christmas card displays

diy christmas card displays

Most of us give and receive Christmas cards, but after that we usually put them in some drawers and forget about them. To keep your mood like you are on vacation for a longer period of time, there are several ways to display your maps in all areas. Here are some DIYs you can use to display all of your Christmas cards. Let’s look at that!

Receiving Christmas cards in the mail is an amazing thing, and here is a unique way to show off all of the photo cards from family and friends. Sometimes nothing works better than a traditional cork board and pins. But this isn’t your average cork board as some pretty custom script letters have been added, as well as some leaves and berries made from mini wooden holly, to make it extra festive. Read the tutorial and make one!

This recycled photo / card display is a great option if you’re looking for ideas. It probably won’t cost you any money if you already have duct tape and spray paint at home. You can make it as big as you’d like, depending on the size of your cardboard box or even other shapes, maybe a square to display Christmas cards? Though tree-shaped ones are pretty cool, don’t you think? Follow the instructions to make them!

Instead of leaving your cards in a pile on the entrance table, try displaying some of your favorite Christmas cards on this easy-to-make DIY leaf Christmas card holder that is decorated with fresh greens for a festive look. Read on for the no easier tutorial and linked list of craft supplies.

This time of year, your emails are actually fun to read – because you might find cute cards and pictures of family and friends, and not just bills and junk mail! If the Christmas cards keep coming in, the question arises what to do with them. This ad is simple and doesn’t take too much time to put together. You can also use tacks to hold the clips in place and then you can easily rearrange the clips to match the different cards / photos you are viewing.

The annual flood of Christmas cards and Christmas cards begins. If you’re looking for a clean and modern way to display the season’s greetings, check out this easy DIY project using painted cork tile. The display looks pretty modern. You can choose different colors and patterns to customize these tiles to your liking.

This amazing Christmas card display impresses with its unique shape and bold colors that are normally not seen on displays. Clothespins seemed like a necessary material for this easy DIY project, but you might be surprised by some other materials! Read the tutorial, find out what you’ll be using, and make your awesome display!

Here is a card holder that doesn’t take up space on table / mantle tops as it looks so cluttered and the cards keep tipping over as you add more cards. These card holders can be hung anywhere in your home. You can hang these on a door, wall, or even your tree. And they add effortlessly to your festive decor in just a few minutes.

That idea came from the inspiration mood board (you know, the way you hang on your desk and pin gathered snippets), and this is a Christmas edition – a place to put together cards of loved ones, patterned paper, too pretty to throw away special ornaments, fresh greens etc – all those little things that inspire you throughout the season. Check out a video and do one!

Summer is in full swing and if you have a little baby now, why not add summer joy to your baby's nursery? There are many ways to do this and one of them is by making a bold and cheerful summer mobile home for the crib. Crib cell phones are half decorations and half baby toys. Your child will look at it when they fall asleep and see it when they wake up. Realizing such a craft is easy and does not cost a lot of time or money. It doesn't take a lot of skill. Let's see what can be tinkered with.

Flamingos are birds that scream summer and tropics, and these pink cuties make the ambience in your child's room summery. This cell phone is a cute piece with a fluffy cloud and pink fabric flamingos that are ideal for adding a holiday joy to the nursery. It's great not only for a girls room but also for a boys room.

Marine animals of all kinds just scream the holidays and the sea. This cell phone contains an octopus, a goldfish, small fish, a mini turtle and a mini starfish. The piece is in shades of blue, orange and yellow, but you can vary the colors as you like. The only skill this phone needs is crochet. So do a little exercise before you start or ask your friend to do it.

These wonderful bold birds make a great cell phone for any kindergarten. The birds are made of wood and painted by hand. You can vary the size and colors as you like and add some detail that you want. I love the geometric decor of the birdies, it looks modern and fresh.

This colorful mobile phone mimics falling raindrops, but these are not ordinary raindrops, they are colorful! The summer rain is warm and soft, so these drops are made of colorful felt. The colors are up to you. The whole phone doesn't require a lot of skill, so get some inspiration as you make this easy and cute little piece.

This colorful bed mobile made of thread and wood will brighten up your child's room. The mobile phone is in cheerful rainbow colors, it is cheerful and summery. Of course, you can vary the colors as you wish. The skills are not needed here, all you need to do is make a couple of pompoms - this is easy and can be done using special instruments.

There is just something very special about creating something for your little one! Make an oh-so-cute baby nursery cell phone with felt fruits to make the nursery eel look like summer. It's totally soft because the tags are made of felt and fruits are made with the help of simple glue. Make all your favorite juicy slices and hang the phone over your baby's crib!

This cellphone is also super cute and soft, it is made of felt balls. The balls are attached to a branch for a natural look. I love the idea of ​​such a simple and cute kid's mobile, and colorful felt balls can be bought in different stores - you don't have to make them. Create this phone for a happy summer feeling in the nursery.

You can make your own DIY baby cell phone, which is inexpensive and easy to make. You can make a cell phone out of some very inexpensive materials, both of which are beautiful and will happily distract the baby from being distracted into a sleepy country. Make this sweet rainbow cloud of Perler pearls mobile - what could be easier?

If you don't want to spend a lot of time sewing, crocheting, and other techniques, just cut fish out of cardboard and make a colorful fish mobile. Colorful fish are cute and fun, sea life is always interesting! Such cell phones do not require a great deal of skill and only require some time.

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