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diy christmas cake recipes

diy christmas cake recipes

What a Christmas without a lot of food, sweets and of course a cake? There are a lot of traditional recipes, but everyone chooses their own cake and every year we want something new, tasty and special. Today we’re sharing stunning cake recipes that are great for Christmas, for all tastes and with many different ingredients.

Cranberries are traditional for fall and winter, and this cranberry pound cake is wonderfully dense, moist and full of fresh cranberries. Covered with a simple orange glaze, it’s perfect for the holidays.

There is no Christmas without gingerbread cookies, and this flavored gingerbread bread will make your home smell completely divine as guests come and go, not to mention that you are in a completely festive holiday state. Have a slice of coffee in the afternoon or top it with homemade whipped cream and fresh cranberries.

The orange-flavored punch in the cake is due to milk fortified with orange peel. When you heat milk and orange peel together, the oils are released from the peel and create the most beautiful orange-flavored cake for Christmas.

Gingerbread only screams Christmas, and what if you love cheesecake? Mix them two in one! This heavy gingerbread cheesecake is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. So guys, don’t hesitate to make it.

Here’s a Christmas cake recipe, this is a large piece of cake topped with organic cream and berries. If you don’t own a Bundt can, a simple loose-bottom baking pan will work just as well.

This incredibly moist applesauce cake is infused with chai flavors in two ways: ground spices and chai tea. Plus it’s topped with salted caramel icing. This cake is really irresistible, not too sweet, and has all the warming flavors you will love!

A delicious and tender pound cake made deliciously sweet with brown sugar and topped with an incredible brown butter icing. The brown sugar really takes this recipe off the ground. The molasses gives the sweetness a depth of flavor that cannot be described. This cake is also incredibly tender and dense with the most beautiful texture.

Ready for another cranberry perfection? It’s a perfectly moist vanilla sheet cake with fresh oranges and tart cranberries. Then it is frosted with a spicy cream cheese glaze and decorated with sugared lingonberries and orange peel.

Rum Bundt Cake Recipe is a Christmas-inspired cake with a touch of glowing rum. The rum bundt cake recipe does not contain butter or alcohol-soaked nuts, but a lot of glowing rum. In case you forgot to soak dry fruits for Christmas cake this year, the rum bundt baking recipe could be your last minute savior.

This cake is a disguised red velvet. It’s a foolproof recipe with a hint of cocoa and a generous amount of buttermilk. The dough stays moist with a tight crumb and the characteristic “red” velvet taste. The frosting is white chocolate cream cheese, my new choice when it comes to a flavorful frosting.

This sticky date and orange pudding is gluten-free, vegan and refined sugar-free. Dates and buckwheat flour were used as the base and chia seeds as the binders, which provided the most delicious sticky consistency. The orange flavor really shines through and the orange peel helps take it to another level.

Mom used to make waffles for me on the weekend, and now I make them myself and I still love this treat incredibly. If you love waffles too, look for cool recipes to make - there are all kinds of recipes so you're sure to find yours. Let's look at some of the tastiest waffles and ways to make them.

Buckwheat waffles with caramelized peaches are a stunning idea for any breakfast. Since buckwheat has a strong, nutty and fruity taste, it goes very well with anything sweet. There can really be that sticky texture that is lacking in many gluten-free foods. These waffles can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator or freezer and reheated.

Lemon poppy seed waffles with lemon whipped cream and fresh blackberries make a wonderful breakfast or brunch. The waffles are soft, tender and crispy on the outside. The lemon rush with poppy seeds in every bite will amaze you! The lemon poppy seeds are classic and so good in waffle shape.

Gluten-free chocolate waffles are a delicious chocolate and crunchy breakfast that is out of this world! If you're gluten free and want waffles these are really good! These will kick the chocolate waffle cravings to the curb because they are sure to be spot on! Best of all, they're gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free!

Are you looking for a healthy breakfast treat? These Belgian waffles might be exactly what you're looking for! As in the traditional recipe, these waffles contain quite a bit of butter. In sugar, however, these contain little. With the yoghurt and fruit, they make a pretty healthy breakfast and are absolutely delicious, I promise!

These Red Bean Mochi waffles are similar in taste and texture to Taiyaki or Bungeoppang. They are the perfect snack for the morning on the go! When you're feeling lazy, just take these waffles out of the freezer and heat them up - your delicious breakfast is ready!

Your new favorite waffles with delicious chocolate banana yogurt. Try this easy recipe for your family breakfast next weekend! If you want to add a bit of nutty flavor, instead of cocoa powder, add 1 tablespoon of your favorite chocolate nut spread. Or you can simply top your waffles with Nutella for an extra chocolate boost.

These coconut flour waffles are wafer perfection - fluffy and soft, but slightly crispy on the outside. These waffles are made from coconut flour and are gluten-free, paleo- and dairy-free. What Makes These Waffles So Amazing? Aside from the fact that they're grain, gluten, and dairy free, they're also ridiculously fluffy.

This triple recipe for chocolate wafers is perfect for Easter. No crosses, no eggs, just pure, wonderful chocolate. Not just one type of chocolate. These triple chocolate wafers contain white, milky and dark chocolate chips that are incorporated into the batter. Also, a nice dose of cocoa powder is thrown in.

Chive cheddar waffles with salmon and vegetarian cream cheese will find a place on your kitchen table in the near future. Cut each waffle with cream cheese, sprinkle with salmon, sprinkle with dill and chives and dip in with fork and knife.

Perfectly crispy, tender inside Vegan wholemeal flat waffles; made with health-promoting ingredients. Oil free. These vegan wholemeal flax waffles freeze wonderfully and then simply heat them up with a toaster.

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