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diy christmas cake recipes

diy christmas cake recipes

What a Christmas without a lot of food, sweets and of course a cake? There are a lot of traditional recipes, but everyone chooses their own cake and every year we want something new, tasty and special. Today we’re sharing stunning cake recipes that are great for Christmas, for all tastes and with many different ingredients.

Cranberries are traditional for fall and winter, and this cranberry pound cake is wonderfully dense, moist and full of fresh cranberries. Covered with a simple orange glaze, it’s perfect for the holidays.

There is no Christmas without gingerbread cookies, and this flavored gingerbread bread will make your home smell completely divine as guests come and go, not to mention that you are in a completely festive holiday state. Have a slice of coffee in the afternoon or top it with homemade whipped cream and fresh cranberries.

The orange-flavored punch in the cake is due to milk fortified with orange peel. When you heat milk and orange peel together, the oils are released from the peel and create the most beautiful orange-flavored cake for Christmas.

Gingerbread only screams Christmas, and what if you love cheesecake? Mix them two in one! This heavy gingerbread cheesecake is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. So guys, don’t hesitate to make it.

Here’s a Christmas cake recipe, this is a large piece of cake topped with organic cream and berries. If you don’t own a Bundt can, a simple loose-bottom baking pan will work just as well.

This incredibly moist applesauce cake is infused with chai flavors in two ways: ground spices and chai tea. Plus it’s topped with salted caramel icing. This cake is really irresistible, not too sweet, and has all the warming flavors you will love!

A delicious and tender pound cake made deliciously sweet with brown sugar and topped with an incredible brown butter icing. The brown sugar really takes this recipe off the ground. The molasses gives the sweetness a depth of flavor that cannot be described. This cake is also incredibly tender and dense with the most beautiful texture.

Ready for another cranberry perfection? It’s a perfectly moist vanilla sheet cake with fresh oranges and tart cranberries. Then it is frosted with a spicy cream cheese glaze and decorated with sugared lingonberries and orange peel.

Rum Bundt Cake Recipe is a Christmas-inspired cake with a touch of glowing rum. The rum bundt cake recipe does not contain butter or alcohol-soaked nuts, but a lot of glowing rum. In case you forgot to soak dry fruits for Christmas cake this year, the rum bundt baking recipe could be your last minute savior.

This cake is a disguised red velvet. It’s a foolproof recipe with a hint of cocoa and a generous amount of buttermilk. The dough stays moist with a tight crumb and the characteristic “red” velvet taste. The frosting is white chocolate cream cheese, my new choice when it comes to a flavorful frosting.

This sticky date and orange pudding is gluten-free, vegan and refined sugar-free. Dates and buckwheat flour were used as the base and chia seeds as the binders, which provided the most delicious sticky consistency. The orange flavor really shines through and the orange peel helps take it to another level.

If life gives you lemons, use them for summer home decor! Lemons are the most popular citrus fruits and the most popular fruits for a fresh feel. It's popular for cocktails, desserts and food, and also for decoration, nothing screams summer like lemons. Today I'm going to share some DIYs with lemons - real and fake - that will freshen up your home and make it summer-ready.


This completely artificial wreath looks very summery and refreshing and I love its bold look! Make it out of a wreath shape, some fake green, and white flowers and lemons. It looks colorful and summery and these lemons really refresh the look. It's durable and won't wither, so do one for your entry and say hello to summer!

Here's another lemon wreath that consists of a hula hoop, some fake (or real) green, and fake lemons. The idea is just to attach all the material to the hula hoop, which can be wrapped or painted in a few colors beforehand. What a refreshing decoration for the summer!

You don't have any supplies on hand? Make a lemon wreath out of paper! The whole piece is completely painted and looks pretty natural. Your children will be happy to realize this craft! Read on to learn how to make this cool painted lemon wreath to upgrade the room a little. Have fun doing handicrafts with children!

Here is another sweet lemon wreath for summer decorations. The item consists of a styrofoam wreath shape, some artificial lemons on a branch or artificial lemons and lots of green, as well as a chic and bold striped bow for a cuter look. Read how to make the whole piece and use it to freshen up the entrance.

No time to do handicrafts? Make this last minute wreath for your entrance decor! The whole piece is made of lemons or fake lemons, some wire and a clear yellow ribbon and looks really creative. If your guests are already coming, make it quick and easy and decorate your front door.


Feel at home with fresh summer scents that make a couple of lemon beeswax candles! It consists of beeswax and lemon essential oil - done! Just two ingredients and a few supplies of candles and you have a lovely smelling candle or a nice gift for someone you love.

These lemon beeswax candles are even cooler because they are made directly in lemon halves - a great idea for natural containers! Fill your home with adorable smells and make the decor more summery with these cool pieces!

Here are more lemon candles - lemon and lime candles to fill the house with fresh citrus scents. All candles are made in lemon and lime halves, which makes them perfect for any summer table setting. Read how to make them and then craft them for your home.

Make a simple beeswax candle using lemon essential oil and a usual jar that you have on hand. Lemon essential oil has many benefits including refreshment, toning, and more. Fill your home with this cheerful and bright aroma and feel like summer is already here.

These are not just common candles, but useful citronella candles! Make them with lemon halves, lemon balm, lemongrass oil, and citronella oil, and dried herbs. Protect your outdoor food and stay outside from all kinds of insects with these candles.

Towels and coasters

Made from transfer paper, a printed and usual neutral towel, these stylish vintage-inspired towels are sure to make your kitchen look more elegant and summery. It will take some time to make, but the result is worth it. Read the tutorial to find out how to make them.

These lemon print towels are much lighter and more colorful than the previous ones so you can customize them to spice up your kitchen and make it more cheerful. The craft is again about transfer paper and an inkjet printer, so the skills and basically the same. Enjoy!

What I love about these colorful coasters is that they are made from an unusual material: rope. No cork, no tiles, no wood or anything but rope. The pieces are shaped like lemon wedges and look fat and cool. Whether you're making them to spice up your summer dishes or giving them away as gifts, it's a great idea.

Perler beads are a popular material for making and you can make some lemon wedge coasters out of them. The idea is simple: when you work with beads, all you need is some press paper and an iron, and all the crafting doesn't take much time. Enjoy!

If you want to sew, sew some nice felt coasters in the shape of lemon, orange, grapefruit and other slices. Make a colorful set of these coasters and brighten up your tea time or give them away. Although this craft will take some time to complete, it is a great and fun summer idea.

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