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diy christmas brunch recipes

diy christmas brunch recipes

Yesterday we shared some delicious Christmas breakfast recipes, but if you don’t want to get up early and miss breakfast, you need a brunch menu. Let’s look at some of the most delicious recipes to create and enjoy a Christmas brunch with your family and friends.

This gingerbread spice muesli recipe is a wonderful addition to brunch spreads for the holidays! This granola is absolutely perfect for the holidays. You can do it ahead of time, and then put out different types of yogurt, fruits, and toppings.

Get in the Christmas spirit by making a Christmas-inspired granola! This Santa’s happy muesli is great for breakfast, brunch or a snack! This is a delicious combination of oats, nuts, Christmas spices, and some dried fruits. The best part is that you can mix it up as many times as you want!

Cinnamon scones are deliciously moist and perfect for a quick breakfast or afternoon snack with a cup of your favorite hot beverage.

This loaded baked potato breakfast casserole has all of your favorites: potatoes, bacon, eggs, sour cream, cheese, peppers, and onions! It’s easy to move on and is a great option for a healthy breakfast or brunch for the holidays!

Eggnog French Toast is a simple and quick breakfast or snack made from bread and eggnog. This is a simple four ingredient French toast recipe when the flavored vanilla extract is peeled off.

These easy-to-prepare, healthy ginger scones are full of goodness! Including candied ginger, which is optional for “Paleoeans”. This fantastically simple paleo breakfast, snack, or treat is a delicious way to start the holiday season!

Croque Madame is a French dish traditionally made from Gruyère cheese and fried in butter with a fried egg. These Croque Madame are mustard and ham toasts with a cheesy bechamel sauce and a perfectly cooked poached egg.

This healthier cinnamon roll pancake is made from whole wheat, is low in sugar, and is baked in a cake plate so you don’t have to turn over or wait! Drizzle with simple maple cream cheese syrup for a special treat!

These maple gingerbread scones are a nice addition to breakfast on Christmas morning with a warming mix of spices (ginger, cinnamon, cloves), molasses and maple syrup. After cooling slightly, they are covered with a glaze flavored with a little more maple syrup.

This mushroom, caramelized onion, goat cheese, and thyme breakfast layer is a simple brunch recipe for a lazy morning. Put this together the night before and chill. When you wake up on Christmas morning, just put it in your oven to bake.

This French toast casserole is wonderfully decadent and perfect for vacation or overnight guests! You can put the casserole together the day before and the next morning all you have to do is top it with the praline topping (which takes less than 10 minutes) and then put it in the oven.

Looking for a Christmas breakfast idea? Try this eggnog rice pudding with chocolate drizzle! Do it to get in the holiday mood or do it with leftover eggnog! This egg liqueur rice pudding will warm you up on a cold winter morning.

These devil eggs with paleo chipotle bacon are the perfect starter, snack or meal! Easy to prepare and the tastiest eggs you will ever have! These require a bit of preparation, like making hard-boiled eggs and chipotle mayo.

Coasters make great gifts for Christmas, they are usually budget friendly and everyone needs them, so a coaster makes a great gift for anyone. Let's make some Christmas themed coasters to give away as gifts. Pick a craft that suits your skills, materials, and colors.

These fun candy cane coasters are great for the holidays and winter in general, and can make a great budget-friendly gift. Such a gift is perfect not only for adults, but also for children, since everyone loves candy canes.

These cork coasters are great because they can be customized to your liking. Take some acrylics, stamps, and permanent ink to work on the cork coasters.

This unique coaster with crib is made of resin and of course you will need some time and skill to make it, but the result is totally worth it! Check out the video tutorial in the source.

Cut off some tree slices and paint or color them with Christmas-inspired pictures. Use colors you like and cut the dimensions you want. Here are some of the cutest wooden slice coasters for Christmas!

Do you love snow globes? Then these gingerbread coasters will remind you of Christmas and make a cool gift for the New Year. Get ready to sew!

Take all the tiles you want and add stunning pictures printed on a color printer to make them extra special and cool.

This craft is also about sewing, and here we have cute Christmas ornament coasters made of red and green felt. It's not difficult and fits into every winter vacation.

These tile coasters are stenciled with cool Christmas trees. All you need is find a cool stencil or make your own and then decorate as many tiles as you need.

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