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diy chalkboard christmas crafts

diy chalkboard christmas crafts

Chalkboard pieces are very popular, they allow for creativity and personalization so I think you will need to make some decorations and gift tags for Christmas too. Let’s see the cutest and easiest to make ideas for today.

The first craft is dedicated to chalkboard clay ornaments, they are hung on ribbons and you can leave any messages on them, besides, such ornaments are ideal for favors.

Organize a hot cocoa station for your home or for a special occasion and mark it with a blackboard sign. This sign is lit with Christmas lights, but you can make one with less effort if you don’t use lights.

These DIY beauties have a rustic feel, made with wood slices and chalkboard paint. You can write anything on it and decorate your Christmas tree for a rustic feel or use it as coasters or favors for Christmas.

Hurry up to make an advent calendar! This is for all of you who want to have a special activity every day of Advent. Each day, cross out the date and choose an activity from the envelopes below.

This really simple DIY advent calendar can be made from strips of balsa wood, blackboard paint and some mini silver ornaments. Children can add an ornament to the tree every day in December before Christmas.

These puzzle chalkboard gift tags are very easy to make and can be decorated by the whole family! They look cute and can be easily reused if your kids wrote a wrong name on the label.

This table looks festive and is so pretty with the lights during the dark winter season. To make it more Christmassy, ​​write some sentences associated with Christmas carols or songs and you will love the result!

These table decorations consist of thin wooden decorations and are painted with blackboard paint. Once the paint is dry, it is entirely up to you to design something for the lucky people on your gift list.

This project is pretty easy, the only thing difficult is cutting out the letters with a jigsaw. It’s not that difficult, it just takes practice to get used to the jigsaw. So if you don’t work with one often, make sure you give yourself a few practice runs.

Make stunning Christmas balls and let the kids write or draw on them. Wrap the finished onions with a piece of chalk as a great creative gift.

Used to black boards? These are not like that, they are green! These hangings consist of an embroidery frame, fabric and blackboard paint. Once dry, all you need to do is chalk what you want.

These simple table ornaments consist of glass lids covered with blackboard paint. You can paint them in whole or in part and then crayon whatever you like.

With this table ornament, the mother of invention was a lack of desire to paint and wait for it to dry. These simple chalkboard pendants and ornaments were made with a chalkboard ink pen.

If you’re looking for an alternative Christmas tree idea, chalkboard is your way! Take a big blackboard and make a tree with chalk for a cool modern look!

Easter trees are becoming increasingly popular. This is a creative idea stolen for Christmas at Easter. You just take some branches and paint them or wrap them with yarn and then hang some ornaments on them. This is a trendy and edgy idea to rock out, and when you are tired of the traditional decoration, it's high time you started building a tree like this. Of course, the ornaments shouldn't be reminiscent of those Christmas ornaments, they should be styled for Easter. Need something Here are easy and cute DIYs to add an edgy feel to your Easter celebration.

Salt dough / clay

I totally love these salt dough decorations! The idea is practically the same as with Christmas ornaments: you make salty batter, cut out the ornaments, bake them, and then decorate them. Give them the shape of an egg, don't forget to make holes to hang them later, and after baking, paint them using a color block technique, adding a touch of glitter between colors. Wow, you will get such a glamorous Easter tree!

Develop your children's imagination and creativity with this craft! This is a great idea for them - make or buy some egg shaped ornaments out of clay and let your kids paint them however they like! Combine these ornaments with plastic eggs to create a bold and fun Easter tree.

Buy some polymer clay and make your Easter tree very bold and trendy! Combine two different clay colors into one for an edgy marble effect. Not only can you opt for a classic black and white or gray look, but also bold combinations like blue + pink, gold + emerald and so on.

Here's another clay craft: these are golden chicks that hang on the tree. Just make them out of clay, bake them, and cover them with gold spray paint or usual paint. Let them dry and hang on the tree, they will look amazing with any egg shaped Easter decoration.


These Easter ornaments look super natural, they are made from real eggs! Take out the entire contents of the egg, wash it and make a whole to hang the egg. Remove a clam on the side, put some straw or hay in it to imitate a nest, and add a quail or quail egg. Voila! Make as many as you want and hang them on the tree for a natural look.

Take common eggs to create these simple glamorous ornaments. Take out all of the contents of the egg, wash and dry it, then paint it if you want - use some pastel shades. Add threads for hanging and attach sequins, rhinestones or other sparkling things to the egg. These cool light egg ornaments will make a nice decoration or even a handmade gift!

Cardboard paper

These cardboard ornaments are decorated with nail polish to create a cool marble effect. Cut out some cardboard eggs and decorate them with bold nail polish. Let them dry and add a thin ribbon to hang the ornaments. So easy!

These ornaments are super stylish and cool! And you won't believe it: they're made of paper! The colored paper is interwoven to create these chic egg decorations, and the paper is light enough not to break even the thinnest of branches like eucalyptus branches. You can find out how these decorations are made in the tutorial.

I love these cool and bold paper egg ornaments! They are made from waste paper. You just shape it into eggs as indicated in the tutorial, then add yarn to hang it on and some beads underneath to keep the paper in place. Enjoy!


Make some cool and bold Easter ornaments with clear glass egg ornaments very quickly! Get some ready-made ornaments and fill them with colorful sprinkles by adding ribbons of the same color to hang them up. Make as many as you want, decorate the branches, or offer them as brunch favors. Voila!

These bold and colorful Easter ornaments are made with bold colors and gum liquor - just look at those colors and ombre effects! Get some clear glass embellishments and create these bold cuties. Read the tutorial to find out the exact actions.


Do you want a sweet shabby chic or vintage touch for your Easter tree? Make these cute Easter ornaments out of cute and pastel colored fabric from different floral and plaid fabrics, block the color with different types of fabric on an egg, and add ribbons to separate them. Enjoy making these simple ornaments if you love sewing and offer them as favors!

These colorful and fun rooster ornaments are made of multicolored felt - yellow and red. They almost do not need to be sewn, they are just rolled felt faucets with all the details and you just need to add some thread to hang them. Invite your kids to craft them with you, they are not difficult to make!

If you are looking for delicate and ethereal decor, this is it! These are egg-shaped Easter ornaments made from tiny embroidery frames, tulle, and dried or artificial flowers. Just find small embroidery frames, put tulle in them, and attach some flowers with glue. Hang these ornaments on silk ribbons and decorate the tree - it looks very delicate and spring-like!

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