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diy cat trees cat towers

diy cat trees cat towers

If you are a lucky cat owner, you may need furniture for your pets to entertain, entertain, and make them feel at home. Scratching posts and cat towers are great for climbing, scratching, sleeping and much more. Cats love to stay up somewhere. Here are some ideas on how you can make cool scratching posts and cat towers yourself without wasting money!

The tall, narrow tower with a wide base fits easily and inconspicuously in a corner or in front of a window. Learn how easy and inexpensive it is to build a cat apartment that kittens can climb, scratch, and nap in – just read the tutorial and do it for your pet or pets! The project does not cost you much and the result is no worse than a bought one.

Common scratching posts are not about real trees, this is just a name. But this piece is inspired by realistic looking scratching posts and looks accordingly! The resulting piece is a scratching post that really looks like a tree, and there are even rocks that mimic a landscape! The rocks are big enough that the cat will understandably mistake the floor for a litter box, nor attempt to eat it. The stepping stones allow them to walk around the base and will help keep costs down as they are so much cheaper than the rocks.

Here’s a simple and easy scratching post with parts that are carpeted for comfort and an IKEA hack. Isn’t that what we all love? This scratching post consists of an old kitchen unit, a carpet pipe, artificial turf and 3 x Sindal mats from Ikea. The tree was made over a weekend and is endless fun and games for 3 cats (or more).

Large scratching posts are nice, but very expensive. But you can make one a lot cheaper for less than half the price! Even if you build one too and don’t have all of the materials, you can get them for just a few dollars. Read the tutorial, personalize the tree however you want and make your kittens happy! Don’t forget to add the ladder and let your cat explore! The small base can be slid around so you can hold it on its side or create an angle that doesn’t take up as much space. Let your pets enjoy!

Use everyday objects to build a fancy cat jungle gym! Create a bespoke kitten play area by reusing old dresser drawers. With so many different areas to explore, curious kittens will never get bored. What I absolutely love about this cat apartment is that it brings a cozy, rustic feel to the room with these baskets. Watch the video tutorial and make a scratching post yourself.

This project has detailed instructions on how to build a cool scratching post. This is a perfect item for any kitten when you consider the parts it contains. The scratching post contains a cool house as most cats love to hide and fit into small places that make them feel safe and warm. If you’re a little unsure, feel free to climb to a point as high as possible so you can keep an eye on things. Read how to put each piece together and keep your pets happy!

Whether you have multiple cats or just one, they all love and want to climb. With that in mind, building a multi-part wall scratching post is a great idea. This tutorial will show you how to reuse some IKEA Frosta stools and make a great wall-mounted kitten tree. If you don’t have woodworking skills this project will be difficult, but if you do – no problem!

This scratching post is another IKEA hack and has several functional parts: storage, a cat feeding station and 2 beds as cats prefer to stay higher. The whole piece is made of IKEA lacquer tables and also shows some scratches, so this piece is very multifunctional. The project itself is very simple, stacking and appending tables is not that difficult.

Scratching posts and condos are pretty expensive, but if you are willing to work and spend some time, you can get it for some money. This cat apartment is made of MDF and is covered with fabric and jute for more comfort. There are different levels for kittens and since this is a rug your cats can use it as a scratch. Let them enjoy!

This cool scratching post is inspired by Star Trek! This tree is featured with Enterprise and Romulan Bird of Prey and if you’re a fan or a geek you should too. The parts are carpeted and other parts are jute to make the entire item completely scratchable. Such a creative item won’t spoil your interior, it looks geeky and fun!

The last but not least is this sisal rope scratching post with two platforms. This is a fantastic, inexpensive, and easy to make cat seat / scratching post that can be built for as little as $ 15-20. This particular example is more expensive because of the sisal rope, but a nice fabric substitute will lower the cost, not the aesthetic value or attractiveness of your cats. Enjoy!

Valentine's Day is less than a month from now, and many of us have already started the preparations: some are planning a brunch in Galentine, others preparing surprises for their loved one, and many of us are looking for cool favors and gifts. There is nothing like a handmade gift because you put your heart in it and a pack of beautiful coasters is perfect for everyone: a girlfriend, boyfriend or just friends. To look at them and remind yourself that Valentine's Day is pleasant and heartwarming. Let's make cool coasters for the coming vacation.

Who doesn't like a chalky finish and chipped edges made of natural slate? This material is quite difficult to work with, but you can easily emulate it by reading this tutorial. These coasters are made of wood and are painted with blackboard paint. Then the correct letters are added. Read how to make these cuties and give someone a special gift!

This tutorial will show you how to make a whole set: coasters, napkin rings, placemats and other items. The craft is about drawing geometric hearts of different colors on them - such a craft is simple and does not require a lot of time or effort. Read How It's Done and Enjoy!

These are heart-shaped coasters with calligraphy and they look very romantic. Take faux leather, cut out some hearts, and use markers to write what you'd like - any words associated with this holiday are welcome. This is a great last minute craft!

These chic coasters are made from white hardware tiles with gold, silver, bronze, red, and pink snipers. The design is pretty simple and elegant, and you can write and decorate the tiles however you want. Decorate the coasters with confetti or confetti hearts for a sweet romantic feeling.

Wood discs are always a good idea - they can be a nice base for many crafts. Take a pack of wooden slices and add them with a heart template for Valentine's Day - shades of red, pink and gold are welcome. Add your monograms if you want and voila!

Here's another idea with wooden discs - here the hearts are made with blackboard paint so they look more rustic than the previous craft. The slices can be undone or covered with different finishes, it's up to you.

Cork coasters are great, and you can decorate them in a number of different ways, including Valentine's Day decor. Hearts, arrows, stripes and many other things that are traditional for Valentine's Day are welcome. Just take some colors of your choice and stencil paint them. Have fun!

These are the most glamorous Valentine's Day coasters I've ever seen! These are pieces of cork decorated with metallic glitter. Each piece includes a glitter heart and some glitter to make it look a little messy and yet very cool. Aren't they just beautiful?

If sewing is your fancy, make these cool conversation heart coasters in different colors and embroider some words or letters on them to make them look more natural. Don't forget an inner layer to make the coasters easier to use.

Love geometry? Make cool plastic bead coasters for Valentine's Day! To make them more contrasting, choose black and red or pink pearls and create hearts on them. So cute and so quick to do!

Here is a cute craft for those who love to sew. These are simple coasters with hearts, they look like patchwork coasters. The main fabric is light gray and the colors are made with colorful printed fabric which makes them super cute. Get inspired!

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