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diy cat dig

diy cat dig

Cats love to have their own digs where no one can disturb them. This is why it is imperative for a cat owner to make one.

Prepare 1 yard of personalized fabric on eco-friendly canvas, 1 yard of lining fabric, 1 yard 1/2 “thick foam, a seat cushion, a free sample.

First, print out the pattern you want or use the pattern from the original tutorial. Print out the free sample download and glue it together! The pieces are about 1/2 “extra so cut and adjust the lines as shown in the pictures. Cut out the following pieces: a front, a top, a pillow, a base, a back, a Foam front and back. Sew the top to the center of the front. This piece is contoured a little so the top bends out a little, and you can use 2 fabrics too. Sew the front along the sides and top of the pattern to the back. Use a 1/4 “seam allowance. Cut off the top corners of the ears, but don’t cut off the seam allowance. Push and turn. Pin the base piece with the right sides together around the bottom of the cat bed. You have to turn around and plug in and off you go. To make this part easier, just sew your base and around the bottom of the cat bed and pull the threads as needed. Also, mark the base with pens to divide it into quadrants, then match the sides to the sides of the cat bed piece. When you’ve pinned all the way, the cat bed is inside out. Sew around the base. Turn right. Repeat with lining fabric. Now take your foam pieces. Sew the front and back foam together along the edges.

Keep reading the tutorial and get the detailed photos in the source.

A mud room is a room that you step into and which you will definitely need some storage units to store your clothes, shoes, umbrellas, keys, bags and many other things. The problem is that a dirt room or entrance area is often small and you just can't put all of that storage furniture in there. Also, your entryway should look more or less stylish to make an impression, as this is the first thing you and your guests see home. How can you do all of this in this little mud room? Let's take a look at storage ideas that dissolve the entrance and hide all unnecessary things.

Mudroom and entrance area lockers

A locker is a small, usually narrow, storage compartment of varying heights and levels. Width and depth are usually standard measurements, although non-standard sizes are occasionally found. A mudroom locker is the most popular and convenient storage idea because it looks stylish and can hold a lot of things. I don't mean just one closet, I'm talking about an entire locker unit that can include multiple closets, shelves and ceilings. The combination is up to you. Even if your hallway is tiny, you can always order a small locker that will save space and hide your belongings.

Built-in mudroom solutions

If your mud room is tiny, go for built-in ideas: built-in shelves, ceilings and counters, racks and benches. They won't take up that much space, but they will provide enough space.

Open shelves and racks

Open shelves are another great idea for small mud flaps and entryways. Open shelves don't look that bulky and have space for a lot of things, from scarves and umbrellas to clothes and boots. Mix them up any way you like, make a colorful rack for fun and you will love it!

Storage benches

This is a must for any mud room! Even if your dirt space is big enough, don't waste this convenient storage space and organize shoe storage there. In fact, for another season, a storage bench can hold anything from boots and shoes to various accessories.

In conclusion, I would like to say that all of these solutions can be mixed and matched at will. Open shelves with lockers, storage benches with built-in solutions, racks and lockers, etc. - take a look at your dirty space and decide what suits you best. Do not forget that bright colors will visually expand the small space. So if your entryway is tiny, stick with those hues.

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