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diy canvas wall art

diy canvas wall art

Do you feel your inner artist? Then it’s time to create something for your home decor to make it more personal and special. There are many ideas to realize – signs, gallery walls, different types or art and renovations, but today I want to tell you about something very creative – these are canvas wall art.

If you want to paint, buy acrylic paints and choose a design or image that you like – an abstract, or a landscape, or something else. Not sure about the design? Just draw it on the canvas and if you like do the same with paints. It can also be a quote or just a few words that mean a lot to you. Let the piece dry, frame it, and hang it up.

Another idea for creating photo canvas art – just attach your pictures to the canvas or print them directly on it using special means. Frame and attach to the walls – so easy!

Lack of nature and fresh air? Make trendy botanical canvas art pieces! You’ll need a blank canvas, various sheets of paper, glue or spray glue, matte finishing spray, and various hardcover books. Before starting the project, lay out the sheets to experiment with placement. Place books with a plastic or leather coating on top of the fern to weigh it down. The ferns drop their pollen in 24-36 hours. So when you’ve put the books on top, leave them alone and let them do their thing. When you are satisfied, simply attach them to the canvas with glue. When they are dry, frame them and hang them on the walls.

Canvas signs are a cool way to add cheer to the room. You can cover the entire canvas with blackboard paint and write something, or create your own quotes and words – no more difficult than a wooden sign, but it looks even better.

Do you love sewing? Make an eye-catching embroidery canvas wall art! Choose the yarn of the colors you love and use a pencil to draw lines for stitches. Then start the yarn by following the lines. When you get to the next marked line, you create this cool draped effect. Pull the needle up through the canvas on the line. Then, on the next row, pass the needle back through the canvas. Pull on the thread to loosen it until you get the cloth you want. Then just keep sewing until you get to the next row. Use a good eraser to very carefully remove your pencil lines from the canvas. Second, straighten those draped threads. Voila, you can hang it up!

Find more great canvas art and craft ideas below!

Vintage Christmas decoration is very charming and beautiful, it will make your room adorable. Vintage decor can be done with touches of rustic, farmhouse and other styles to make it even cooler. How can you create such a beautiful decor now? Here are some ideas.

Vintage Christmas trees

A Christmas tree is the main piece of Christmas decoration and of course this is where you should start decorating. Decorate with vintage ornaments in the shape of houses, horses, mini Santa Clauses and Santa hats. Use brightly colored vintage ornaments, pearl garlands, pearls, tinsel, and fabric. If you want to feel like you're on a farm, give preference to a flocked Christmas tree with plaid ribbons, ornaments, and vintage truck and toy ornaments. You can also opt for a rustic vintage Christmas tree - put it in a sleigh and use no decor at all or just some vintage Christmas lights. There are many more ideas for adding a touch of different styles to your tree. Just turn on your imagination.

Vintage Christmas decoration

What else can you do? Make a simple but beautiful vintage Christmas centerpiece - a pastry bowl or metal tray with vintage Christmas ornaments - it can be done in a minute. Use vintage Christmas toys like snowmen, Santa Clauses, and bunnies - just put them on a mantelpiece or console table. Design your vintage Christmas bedroom with evergreen plants, plaid ribbons and ornaments in a basket and an unadorned tree. Put red pillows here and there, adding checkered accents and bells here and there to make the room feel like Christmas. Make a Christmas wreath out of bright vintage Christmas ornaments and it will make a bold statement in your outdoor space.

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