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diy cactus summer crafts

diy cactus summer crafts

Cacti are the new succulents! They’re cute and pretty easy to care for, and they really scream summer and desert. Rocking cactus prints and decor is a timeless idea, and you can choose to use them to add a summer flair to your home. Let’s look at some beautiful ideas that you can make a reality.

Cactus pot holders! These DIY cactus pot holders with you all today are the perfect dose of sweet to add to your kitchen! Imagine pulling your cookies out of the oven with these cute cacti by your hands! Such cute pot holders can be a fun idea and a favor for anyone who enjoys cooking.

Summer is party time, and serving food to your guests should be bold and original. These mini cactus cheese boards are the perfect summer time serving piece. Just throw up a few different cheeses, crackers, and fruits and call it dinner!

String art pieces are very cool and popular, and why not make a gorgeous string cactus? Make your string cactus and add flowers, cacti bloom in spring, you will love the way it looks. Read the entire tutorial to do it!

If you have a lot of jewelry, store it with style and summer joy: make a gorgeous cactus jewelry holder. It will be a piece of polymer clay and it won’t take much time to make. Rock your jewelry in style even when you’re not wearing it!

These DIY clay cactus candle holders are easy to make and offer me another way to add a non-prickly cactus to your home. How cute would they all be in the middle of the table? Make them in any colors and shapes and let your table cheer up.

Display your vacation photos on a bold cactus wire stand! It looks colorful and neon colors and will be a fantastic piece for any room. When summer is over, it will still give your room a summer feeling.

Shrinking Dink Cactus Lights are great for any room, from a nursery to an adult room. They will bring a lot of joy in the summer and are perfect for summer parties. They are not difficult at all to make, and it won’t take much time. Have fun tinkering and freshening up your room!

Here’s another cactus light idea, it’s glamorous and pink! This is a cactus-shaped stand that is covered with lights, adding a girly feel to the room. Enjoy your desert lights and feel the summer even after it’s over.

Did you have a pet skirt as a kid? We saw some really fun cactus rocks for adults and thought it would be fun to make cactus rocks for kids. Kids will love to paint and choose their favorite cactus rock for this easy craft project!

Neon lights are amazing for home decor, it’s one of the hottest trends in modern home decor. This neon light is a fun and cute idea for your interior and is suitable for any party. The cactus shape is great for summer and for a desert feel.

Even if you’re not a big sewer, this craft will go well with your home decor as cacti and needles just go together perfectly. Plus it’s super cute and something you would love to keep out of decor.

Make a cool foam sign with a cactus and a quote you like, for example it can be a welcome sign for your porch. The tutorial is pretty simple, you will love getting inspired and crafting!

Today I want to share some edgy, chic and cool ideas for wrapping gifts for Christmas. These ideas don't need tutorials or a lot of explanation. These are just the best ideas that you can easily recreate yourself without any manual skills. These are the best combinations for every style and color.

Kraft paper

Kraft paper is becoming increasingly popular for all types of decor. If you think it's boring you're wrong, there are so many ways to spice it up! First of all, you can sprinkle the paper with different colors - white or silver imitates snow very well. Second, you can add string and evergreen twigs, pine cones, dried citrus or cinnamon sticks. If you want something special, try checkered fabric and plastic letters. Evergreen branches or a small fresh wreath freshen up the gift wrapping.

Other types of wrapping paper

If you want patterned wrapping paper, you can print out some templates or buy something you like. How to spice it up? Well it all depends on the style you want to get and the paper you have. If it's just black paper, you can decorate it with a white marker and some string or ribbon. If it's copper paper, add evergreen twigs and jingle bells. Pine cones, ornaments, gingerbread cookies and colorful ribbons will make your packaging amazing.

Gift lid

Any wrapping paper, even the simplest like Kraft paper, can be spiced up with a creative gift lid. A cool gift topper can easily make the whole thing up. You only need this one great detail to get great packaging. The most popular gift lids are those made from ornaments. All you need are some eye-catching and bold ones to pin them on paper. Pine cones and evergreen twigs are also great for decorating a gift. You can also use some clay stars that double as gift tags and contain names. Do you need something really creative? Attach knitted gloves to your gifts, they will look unique.

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