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diy boho chic wall art ideas

diy boho chic wall art ideas

The boho-chic decor is very popular for homes, parties and clothing. If you want to keep up with trends, it’s high time to add a boho flair to your home. Today I’m sharing some boho inspired wall art pieces that are very easy to make and will add a boho feel to any room you hang them in. You won’t see any dream catchers here as we’ve already shared some, just different handicrafts and hangings. Everything is pretty easy to do, no special skills are required!

This macrame hanging is cool to add a boho feel to your home. Since the technique took decades to develop and evolve, this knotted type of weaving can get tedious at times, but to begin with we will only be using basic knots and plain basic wool. Here the artwork is in black, but you can go for any color you like.

Tassels are another cool boho-inspired pieces so you can rock them to add a boho flavor. Whatever your reasons for your own tassel love, the possibilities for tassel designs are endless! To inspire your own creations, here is an approach and a short tutorial that will teach you how to make a tassel wall hanging.

Bring sparkle and sparkle to your room with this bohemian beaded third eye DIY wall decor! The mix of wire wrapped beads, crystals, and acrylic beads makes for a multi-dimensional DIY home decor piece that will add a gypsy feel to your home.

This wall hanging shows the cool feather look at its best! Some of them are gold plated to make them even cuter. This is a simpler version of a dream catcher, simplified and inspired by gypsies. So read the tutorial to find out how to do it.

Crocheting is a boho technique, but if it happens that you are not familiar with it but still want a piece like this, it’s not a problem. This unique and pretty wall hanging was made from a doily – this is an easy and quick way to make a cool boho wall hanging with little effort.

This simple and cute tassel garland fits in every room – from the nursery to the bedroom – and gives your room a boho atmosphere. We all know tassels are really boho garlands. I love the idea of ​​adding metal rings to the garland to make it cooler. She looks very cute.

Feathers are so amazing that I can’t imagine a boho style without them! Here is an eye-catching and cute feather wall art, feathers seem to be floating in the air! To achieve this effect, they are pushed between the panes of glass. This is very easy and looks super cool!

With a cheap rug and chunky yarn, a true boho wall hanging can be made in minutes! Can’t you believe it Just read this tutorial and attach the chunky yarn as directed. You will love the result!

If you can’t make a macrame, this is not a problem! Find a knotted table runner like the author of this tutorial and hang it on the wall – you get a stunning piece of decor at a great price!

These wind chimes can be arranged for a mid-century inspired or boho wall decor because they are really free spirited. Buy some simple chimes that you like and add colorful ribbon of fabric – these can be leftovers. Beautiful gypsy decor is guaranteed!

Embroidery hoop crafts are extremely popular because it is very easy to turn one such piece into something different, and there are plenty of crafts for kids too. We keep sharing ideas like this, and today's recap is dedicated to Christmas decorations made with tires. Let's start.

This reindeer embroidery Christmas ornament is a fun and easy idea to make with your children, give as gifts to friends or add to your Christmas ornament collection. This little ornament is really easy to create and is perfect not only for the Christmas tree but also to attach to gifts as a label. Hang it anywhere, do others!

Fancy a rustic decor for Christmas? Here is an idea of ​​hoop ornaments made from burlap and plastic or wooden deer. Take different deer, as many as possible, as different as possible, and create a whole range of such decorations. Invite your kids to make them with you, it's a very easy craft! The tutorial has two more ideas for inexpensive ornaments.

This project really involves the embroidery but the ornaments look very cool and very fresh at the same time thanks to the photos and how they look next to the embroidery. They have a nice classic feel while still looking fresh. They look really cute, hang on the tree and as decorations all over the house, choose fun pictures to make them more moody.

Do you love cats and do you have them at home? Give your Christmas party a touch of meow! The cats will get festive with this tutorial for cat embroidery hoop Christmas decorations. The project involves some sewing - each kitten is sewn to the fabric, but I think you can try gluing it too. Read the tutorial and choose your way to make cat cute ornaments.

DIY Christmas decorations with personalized photos are amazing for the personal touch you add to them and as you change pictures every year you can see how people, especially children, change. These ornaments really look like a snowstorm with the glitter all around. Prepare some hoops and family pictures and start tinkering!

Do you want to add more DIY ornaments to your Christmas tree? These embroidery frame artificial concrete Christmas tree decorations are the perfect addition to any Christmas tree! They are ultra-modern and stylish, although the trees are made of wood, you can make them look concrete. There are many ways to create a man-made concrete look and you will find your way through the source.

Ready to make the cutest embroidered family photo ornament? I think this would be a lovely family tradition that could be put together every year. What better way to celebrate Christmas than to look back on past winters? It's easy to match the style to your tree or recipient when you're giving away by painting the hoop, adding embellishments, and choosing different colors. Enjoy!

At just under $ 15, this cute and simple ornament was a no-brainer and a bit addicting too, with so many possible color and design combinations to choose from. Rustic style and a traditional Christmas palette of reds and greens are Christmas classics that you can't go wrong with. So grab the supplies and go ahead!

No time to do handicrafts? Make a cool last minute Christmas ornament that will recycle your old sweaters! All the crafting is about putting some pieces of sweaters into hoops, adding ribbons and bows, and hanging the decorations wherever you want. Read how to do this quickly and easily, and start decorating your home!

This project involves some sewing, but if you know how to sew on a button - and there really isn't much more to this project than that! They sew brightly colored button wreaths onto the fabric in the frame, add whatever decor you want - ribbons, beads or other things - or even add a photo to the wreath.

Go for amazing all handmade ornaments! Embroidery frames are great for embroidery projects and decorating your walls, of course, but did you know they are also great for your vacation work? In minutes you can be making your own simple embroidery Christmas ornament, perfect for decorating your tree! It only takes a few minutes to build your own devices, and you can use supplies you already have. So you're ready to go!

What can't you love about these embroidery frame ornaments? They are unique, easy to make, the supplies are easy to find, and you can personalize and change them to suit your tastes and creativity! There are several types and you will see tutorials for each of them, make them all, and decorate your home!

In just five easy steps, you can create a new ornament that will give your Christmas tree the cozy charm of a mountain hut! These hoop ornaments are made from hoops and fabric. Choose plaid prints to make your ornaments amazingly cozy and traditional, yet fresh. Get inspired!

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