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DIY Boho Chic Pumpkins in 3 Easy Steps – Fall Craft Ideas
diy boho chic pumpkins

DIY Boho Chic Pumpkins in 3 Easy Steps – Fall Craft Ideas diy boho chic pumpkins

DIY boho chic pumpkins in 3 easy steps diy boho chic pumpkins

Whether you are decorating for Fall, Thanksgiving, or Halloween, if you love the boho-chic style, this roundup is for you. We have rounded up the coolest and easiest ideas to decorate your pumpkin boho chic style without the need for carving, drilling, or other time-consuming techniques. Let's take a look!

Geometry, especially colorful, is one of the most popular features of the boho style. This tutorial will show you how to apply this idea to your pumpkins with little effort. The pumpkins are decorated with vinyl stickers with a bright autumn palette of turquoise, orange, and metallic gold. Vinyl sticks smoothly to the pumpkin and looks like an intricate paint treatment. The vinyl makes it super easy to reposition your shapes as needed so your pumpkin looks just right!

Forget about traditional Halloween carving and go for a real boho chic chic. Agaes and geodes are a popular decorating idea and can be easily applied to your pumpkins. The concentric rings reminded us of a spider web design and glowed beautifully when backlit - just right for the free spirited jack-o'-lantern! Read how to make a piece with this agate slice and go boho!

What can be more boho than henna tattoos? So make some henna pumpkins! You can use it as inspiration to decorate your own pumpkins, or you can even use it as a stencil. How beautiful this setup would look as a table decoration for a boho Halloween party!

If the vibrant, rich colors of Halloween don't really suit your interior design then this is not a problem, you can always handle it. The author of this tutorial went for steamed boho pumpkins that recreated one of her favorite home decor accessories, the leather pouf ottoman! You can copy their pattern or add something you want, get inspired and get smart!

If you've ever carved, painted, and uncoupled pumpkins, it's time to look for something else! In this tutorial, you will learn how to incorporate henna and wood burning techniques into decorating Christmas pumpkins. Feel free to follow the same patterns the author created or come up with your own! The end result is unique and a fun alternative to traditional pumpkin carving!

Sugar skulls are traditional for Mexican Day of the Dead, and it's a great idea to incorporate them into your Halloween decor to get something different. If you do a Google search for "sugar skull", you will come across a variety of images to get ideas from. These black and white pumpkins are decorated with simple snipers, but they look super cool. These sugar skull owls are awesome! Create some on your pumpkins too!

In this project, you will learn how to make bold orange and blue-green pumpkins with tribal patterns. The possibilities with these no-carve pumpkin decorating techniques are endless. What color do you spray your pumpkins? What patterns will you use to decorate them? Go wild and free spirited!

This bold pumpkin topiary is a great decoration for outdoor or indoor decorations. You can carve the pumpkins and add geometric patterns to them for a boho chic feel. Find out how to make the topiary and how to paint the pumpkins and enjoy!

A kilim is a flat carpet made of carpeting, which is traditionally made in countries of the former Ottoman Empire, Iran, Azerbaijan and the Turkish countries of Central Asia. You were a source of inspiration for these colorful boho pumpkins. They are very easy to make and look cool!

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