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diy beach tents

diy beach tents

We’re in the middle of summer and as great as the sunshine is, its rays can be very harmful, especially to the little ones. One of the best ways to get outside and avoid sunburn is with a beach tent. We have put together some beach tents for adults and children, take a look and do handicrafts!

Protection from the sun is important when you are on the beach, which is why this DIY project is so great. With just a few inexpensive materials, you can create your own beach tent that will keep you in the shade while relaxing on the beach. Put a few chairs under the tent and enjoy a cold drink, a good book, or both! When the sun goes down packing is a breeze. Just roll the PVC pipes into the shower curtain and use a yoga mat strap for easy portability.

Babies are very tender, and going to the beach can be harmful to them. We know baby sunscreens can be a choice that will really tear you apart as a parent as many pediatricians are against their use. That’s why a tent is a big compromise. It provides a lot of shade and keeps them off the ground, which is very nice if your excursion includes sand. Now that they’re so popular, there are tons of great options that are easy to open and have special features for babies. Here’s a cute idea to use to cover up your baby on the beach and get some inspiration!

This craft was inspired by a small family on the beach who built a simple tent out of sticks. They built a simple little beach tent with a sheet instead of hauling a large parasol. The baby took a nap in the shade while continuing to enjoy the midday sun. The tutorial writer decided to give it a try and she totally loved the result. If you like it too, check out how to secure the curtain with sticks and build your own tent.

If you want to make the most of endless beaches, sun protection is crucial. Carrying an umbrella is awkward, and let’s face it, it never really suits adults. Create a shady place to relax on the beach. With a few tools, create a DIY bench tent that you will be using for years to come. If you are traveling to the tropics for your honeymoon, this fun beach tent fits in a suitcase, is light and takes just a few minutes to set up.

When warm weather starts beating, you can pitch such a tent on the beach, in the forest, in a park, or even in your yard for a day of relaxation, eating, reading, music and a nap! If you want to build a tent for just one person, you can use a tripod to drape the two side by side or stretch them out to make it a little more spacious. Then all that’s left to do is throw down a pillow-top quilt, picnic basket, book, and everything else to keep company on your fabulous day of sun and relaxation.

If you love beaches but your skin is a little less enthusiastic no matter how much sunscreen you put on, a portable beach tent is your answer to this burning problem. It’s easy to make, lightweight, and allows you to take breaks from the sun while you can still watch the waves. And here you have created a reusable and lightweight beach shade that will give you a break from the sun and allow you to stay and play all day!

Autumn is here and winter is not that far and it's time to cuddle and feel cozy. Give your home decor a particularly warm and cozy touch so that you feel great here. Faux fur, crochet, and knit pieces are just the thing for a cool textural decor and warm-up. I want to share some chic ideas - chunky decorations and pieces of furniture. They look a lot more eye-catching than usual knitwear and are very comfortable to sit on or cuddle with.


A chunky knit blanket is what we all need for fall and winter - it corresponds to a comfortable sleep in the cold season and it looks so cool! Not only is such a blanket a great thing to make you feel cozy, it also makes your bedroom or living room decor more stylish and textured. A faux fur carpet, a chunky knit blanket and a leather pillow make your bed very chic and edgy.


Rock various coarse-knit stools, stools in the colors that match your interior. They are sure to provide comfort and a cute look. You can take a regular bench, chair, or any other piece and just add a cozy, chunky-knit cover to make it more comfortable. Such coarse knitted covers can easily be made by yourself. There are tons of tutorials on the internet. Make your autumn cozier with chunky items!

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