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diy bath caddies trays

diy bath caddies trays

A bath additive or tray is a necessary element to make your bathroom luxurious and spa-like: put your tablet, smartphone, reader, book, candle and glass of wine there to enjoy! If a bath is a pleasure this is a must do and it doesn’t take much time to take a bath while turning your bathroom into a spa. There are many ideas out there on how to make a bathroom caddy or tray for any bathroom style and look. Most are made of wood, but you might find more ideas like Lucite too. Here are some cool DIYs to try out.


This minimalist bath cart has a laconic look made from black and light plywood and brass fittings. It’s very laconic and chic and fits easily into a minimalist room or a masculine bathroom. There is room for anything you want, read the tutorial and do the piece to add style to your bathroom.

Clear Lucite or acrylic is currently a hot decor trend and gives every room a modern flair. Make a Lucite caddy with brass handles to add style and chic as well as a modern feel to your bathroom. In fact, you can match the handles to the bathroom fixtures for a chic look. The project is very simple and easy to accomplish if you have Lucite on hand. Enjoy!

If your bathroom is rustic, pair these cool rustic bath carts together. This piece is made of wood and stainless steel handles in a vintage look – the caddy looks very chic and fun! Color the wood the way you like it to match your bathroom furniture and accessories, and make sure your bathroom is luxuriously placed here.

This vintage bath caddy is a chic piece – it’s sure to add vintage charm to your room. The piece is made of dark stained wood and brass handles. Since nobody wants their glass of wine to end up in the tub, the author added some sticky handles for extra stability. However, you can skip this step if you are not placing drinks on the caddy.

This caddy looks very contemporary and spa-like as its floor is made of planks – that wood tone of split maple and the floor make it really relaxing. We strongly encourage you to look for this type of wood to make the item more interesting. The item has very comfortable legs that will stay stable on the edges of your bathtub and will not stain it dark. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy your bathing experience!


This isn’t just a bath tray – it’s a wine holder! In addition, the piece can contain two glasses – for different wines or for a shred bath experience. If you dye the bath tray it will look beautiful, which will bring out the wood grain and give it a nice color. You can color this to your liking depending on what color you want. Staining the wood also makes it less water permeable, which is great since it is used over a bathtub.

This super simple bath tray can be made in minutes – if you have a bath and want a caddy this is your pick! The tray consists of wooden boards and glue and a glue gun – nothing else! Quickly make the tray and take a bath with candles and a book, plus some tea!

This vintage-inspired wooden tray for your bathtub is made with wooden planks and small panels to frame the edges for a more chic look. The piece also features an accountant that can be used on a tablet, phone, e-reader, or other piece, or just skip the step. Color it dark for a vintage look or light for a fresh look.

This light-colored pine tray is a simple and stylish modern piece that is ideal for a Scandinavian or modern bathroom. It consists of two rows of wood to make the caddy more stable around the edges of the bathtub. The piece is left undyed to make the project quick and to keep it modern and fresh.

This black wooden tray holds up to two wine glasses and will add a relaxing feeling to your bathroom with delicious wine on hand. The article is made of pine wood and is painted black. It gives your neutral room a bold touch or goes perfectly with your dark bathroom.

Craft the bath cart of your dreams with a piece of scrap with this simple tutorial. This homemade DIY gift (which is perfectly acceptable to make yourself!) Is meant for all lovebirds who just want to spend a few minutes alone in the bathtub with their favorite TV show and drink. This is “Netflix And Chill” for adults, it’s perfect!

Make this stylish bathroom tray and add dark spots – it will be a chic accessory for your relaxing baths! Show off any wood flaws, if any, as they add a sophisticated touch to your bath cart. Read the tutorial to find out how to do this right and enjoy the result!

I know it's Christmas time, but if some of us have birthdays around that date and beyond, today I want to share some DIY birthday cards that are easy to make and will be a perfect addition to your gift.

Find out how to use a variety of papers to make an easy to make birthday card! To compliment these colorful designs, she also shows you how to add a dash of foil to make your craft shine. The vibrant designs on this block don't limit you to just crafting for an occasion! The summery images will look beautiful on any papercraft project.

This fun ice cream card tutorial is printable. Then you need to attach colorful pompoms that imitate the ice cream itself.

Give this juicy craft to a loved one on their birthday using this card shape tutorial! This design is a great way to tell someone they're one in a bowler hat, and it couldn't be easier with our free template.

These DIY embroidered cards are great fun to make! If you like this type of craft you will be amazed by these cards. And of course you can customize them if you have other design ideas.

These cool cards are made with blank cards, scrapbook paper, and the free juicy watercolor clipart. You can easily customize them and use them as birthday cards, new home, get well soon, etc.

Do you have friends or family who love to travel? Or are you a travel-loving body yourself? Today's illustration tutorial is all about making a travel birthday card.

These watercolor cards are amazing for personalizing any gift. Such a simple gesture can really brighten a person's day! Just send them out in the mail to say hello to the one you love.

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Here is a wintry birthday card. Made with masking technique, it combines three different sets of stamps from Penny Black and some shiny accents on the balloon.

This birthday shaker card was inspired by the colors and birthday theme of the inspiration photo. For the background panel, the author has embossed the numbers hot and watercolored in different colors. Love it!

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