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diy bath boats for your kids

diy bath boats for your kids

Are your kids bored of all kinds of bath toys? Then it’s time to organize a boat race! Here are 7 ideas to quickly make a boat out of things everyone has at home. A yacht made of sponge, a speedboat made of containers from Kinder Surprise, a sailing boat made of corks, ships made of a glue tube, a common lid and wine corks will keep your child busy for a long time. Inhale more air and see whose ship gets to the finish line faster! If you don’t have time to bathe, the race can be organized in a large plastic box. Have fun!

A wine cork ship

A sponge ship

A tic tac ship

A bottle cap ship

A lid ship

A children’s surprise egg boat

A glue bottle ship

Video shows how to make bathing boats

The French country style is charming, elegant, and rather inexpensive as you can use flea market finds here. Such a style is currently on trend in decoration, as vintage and shabby chic decor with rustic accents is welcoming and calming. We've already shared some ideas to rock this style in different rooms and today we're going to be looking at the French country style living rooms.


Go neutral and pastel colors, nothing too bold and colorful, this style is all about soft textures and colors, that's why it's so calming and relaxing. White and cream are definitely your choices and pastel colors can add some joy and color if needed. All-white rooms with silver accents are welcome, sweet floral patterns on the walls, furniture and textiles are ideal for such a facility.


You can play with textures to keep the space in view. Use natural hues and whitewashed wood, silver, a variety of textiles and upholstery, even stone and brick if you like - for the walls or the fireplace. Metal lanterns and crystal chandeliers give the room a special look.


Her furniture choices are vintage, shabby chic and rustic - a cool mix of all of these pieces. The good news is that you don't have to spend a lot of money on it. Just go to the flea market and buy what you want. Then give this furniture a rustic and shabby chic look with the help of tutorials and various techniques. Choose a gorgeous crystal chandelier for a sophisticated look that is a must for such interiors.

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