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diy back school gifts

diy back school gifts

School is almost starting, and it’s high time you started making some gifts for your favorite teachers to show how much you appreciate them and their classes. Here you will find a range of simple handicrafts that do not take a lot of time or money to do and that will satisfy your teachers.

One of the most popular ideas is making a box of handy supplies like rulers, pens, crayons, glue sticks, and pencils that your teacher may need at any time during the class. The thing is to make a convenient box to store and present everyone. This tutorial shows you how to best package all of these things.

A notebook is always useful to a teacher, and you can personalize it a little with monograms. What you need is come up with a design you like, print it, cut it out, and attach it as a cover for the notebook, voila!

Buy a box of candy and create wonderful chocolate flowers with skewers and cardboard. Put candy in a jar and then the flower you made to cover the jar, so easy and quick!

Another cool idea of ​​packing candy in a cool apple jar. Take a mason jar that resembles an apple in shape, spray the jar with red and the lid with green. Attach a rod of the width you want and sheets of felt you made. Put candy in it, voila!

Put colorful snipers in a mason jar and add a printable gift tag. Another idea is to create a sun with rays from pens and pencils. So easy and so cool!

Bake well? Make some cookies and wrap them in a fantastic way with a cardboard box or lunch box and printable gift tags, or make some chalkboard tags and say thank you for them.

This cool gift box is made of wooden boards and is painted orange. Then the author added some metal letters and filled the box with various writing and drawing materials.

Greet your teachers with colored pencil coasters. Cut the pins off, attach these pieces to the cork coasters and finish them off with Mod Podge and voila!

A simple blank journal can make a cool gift for teachers. Cover it with tape measure washi tape. Add chalkboard labels and various decorative brads.

Buy an alphabet stamp set and wrap it in a cool mason jar decorated with labels and stickers – so easy and so fast!

Plant something for your teacher by adding a ruler drawing to the pot and letting it cool. You can also add various stickers and possibly gift tags.

A galvanized vase can be turned into a cool gift holder. Attach pencils to it, and then put whatever you want to give into it. It looks super original and cool.

Make a personal wreath for the teacher using rulers and an embroidery hoop. Add a ribbon and bunting, as well as a few paper flowers.

Another simple teacher craft is put in a simple plastic box. Put all the supplies there, then secure a ribbon with a cute gift tag.

Gold is the most timeless metallic hue of all time and is traditional for winter holidays. It easily gives a shiny and bright touch to the room, and is compatible - you can combine it with other colors as you like. If you want to incorporate gold in your holiday decor in style, these ideas will help - I've prepared some stylish ways to incorporate it into the Christmas decor.

Gold Christmas trees and Christmas tree decor

Gold Christmas decorations are traditional - they will spice up any tree: black, white, ordinary, flocked, snow-covered or any other, but the higher the contrast, the more they stand out. You can combine them with white, black, silver, red, blue, and many other ornaments if you want more than one color. But if you want even more gold in your room, boldly rock a pre-lit gold Christmas tree! Such a tree doesn't require a lot of decor, you can skip ornaments or, if you like - just add something to match - gold and silver or contrasting black, white and so on. You can also find a gradient ombre to the black Christmas tree that's even bolder and brighter if you feel like it - just buy one!

Gold Christmas table setting

Beautify your Christmas table with gold - with gold cutlery and candle holders, chargers and vases, ornaments and ribbons. Create whole centerpieces and table runners from gold ornaments, mini Christmas trees, gold-plated candles, vases and bowls. You can combine gold tones with other metallics and freshen up the look with evergreen or green plants with white flowers and pine cones - natural decor gives your metallics a fresher look. Gold can be combined with silver, white, blue, red, and many other colors so you can easily create a stylish color scheme for the table.

Other ideas

There are many more ideas for incorporating gold into your Christmas decorations, from ornaments and lights to works of art and bunting. All of these parts can be made by yourself. Enjoy!

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