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diy baby shower drinks

diy baby shower drinks

Baby showers can be held all year round, there is no specific time of year. Choose your theme and think about decorations, games and menus. The menu can be a problem, and the drinks menu in particular makes you need soft drinks for a baby shower – you can’t add alcohol to your baby or you can’t drink anything. We offer non-alcoholic cocktails and we are ready to share some recipes!

Number one today is strawberry and mint lemonade. Berries are abundant and full of sweetness at this time of year. When you combine them with fresh mint and lime juice, you get a heavenly refreshing drink that is sure to be loved by everyone!

Shrub syrup is usually made from fruits that have been preserved with vinegar and sugar. Berries are a popular fruit – and they’re our favorite. Today we are making a non-alcoholic bush drink so you can serve it to the whole family. Just add shrub syrup to soda water and you have an old drink that is better than off-the-shelf sodas.

The cherry and mint iced tea is super easy to prepare and doesn’t require many ingredients. The hard taste is the perfect combination of fresh mint, fruity cherries and a small bitter note from the black tea. Since it’s quite concentrated you can use it as a base for cocktails, but it’s also perfect in its pure form with a few ice cubes.

A light and refreshing drink to start warmer days. This strawberry-ginger-lime is great on its own or mixed with your favorite liquor of choice!

Mocktails are a wonderful alternative to plain old lemonades or juices during the holidays. They are perfect when you want something special but also want to avoid serving or consuming alcohol. This is cranberry cocktail, read the tutorial to make it!

This easy-to-make non-alcoholic drink, inspired by traditional Mexican fruit drinks, is so good you’ll want to enjoy it all summer! It’s Peach Agua Fresca, so delicious and so refreshing that you will fall in love with it!

Raspberry sorbet punch is sweet and flavorful. You don’t need any special ingredients, just mix everything in a large punch bowl.

This splash combines kombucha with freshly cut fennel, mint and pomegranate seeds. Whether you’re looking for a fun drink to serve at your next get-together or a helpful digestive tonic, this is one of my favorites.

This cold brewed tea caipirinha is a crispy and refreshing tea cocktail and goes perfectly with a pinch of lime, a hint of sweet and fresh mint leaves.

Hibiscus iced tea is a very refreshing and delicious spring or summer drink made from hibiscus tea and mineral water.

Strawberries have a high water content, making them great for mixing drinks. They ensure a perfect balance between taste and sweetness. The lemon and mineral water are refreshing compliments. With a strawberry and a couple of ice cubes, this drink is the perfect healthy, homemade solution. That’s why these two ingredients are included in this sparkling strawberry lemonade.

Strawberry cocktails are loved by everyone! They are very fragrant and not too sweet at all with a refreshing taste. This is the perfect spring-summer cocktail whether you’re just playing cards on your deck, or throwing a friends party or having a baby shower.

Plaid or tartan are traditional for Christmas, and I'll bet everyone has a few such items at home. If you still have none and no decorations, it is high time to make some to instantly add festive spirit to your home. Today's round-up is devoted to plaid and tartan decorations for Christmas, and I've got quite a few for you!

Tree decor

Make some plaid ornaments to hang on your tree - all you need is some styrofoam balls and plaid fabric. Wrap your ornament with fabric and secure it. Read the tutorial to find out how to do that. If there is any fabric left, you can also make garlands.

These ornaments are even more eye-catching as they use different types of fabric and red velvet which is the trend this year. The ornaments are not sewn, they are made from old shirts, and the contrast is emphasized by velvet ribbons. You don't need a lot of time to make them. Just prepare some shirts, including plaid or tartan shirts.

If you love rustic decor and want to rock it this Christmas, this tutorial is for you! This rustic ornament is made of burlap and squared paper - it looks unusual and very noticeable. The piece consists of a burlap ornament and a checkered deer head. Read how it is made in the source.

Here's another simple idea for making a checkered ornament - some wooden circles and checkered paper are the main supplies. Attach the smaller checkered paper circles to the wooden circles and add Mod Podge. Find more precise instructions in the source and use them to give your tree a rustic feel.

Green felt makes a lovely backdrop for plaid or tartan, so you may love these ornaments. Cut out some plaid pieces - deer, trees, stars, bells, etc. - and attach them to the green felt. These cute little ornaments can also be used as gift tags and key rings - very Christmassy!

Wrapping balls with plaid ribbons and then securing balls can be a little difficult and may take some time. If you don't have one, this craft is for you. These styrofoam balls are covered with checked fabric and secured with straps - just a few minutes and voila!

These will take some time, but you won't regret it! Check out these amazing buffalo plaid ornaments with snowflakes - what can be more wintery? Use embroidery hoops and buffalo check fabric, then attach the snowflake buttons. Read the entire tutorial to find out how to make these cuties!

Purple plaid? Yes, please! Shaped like trees, these Christmas ornaments look amazing and bold because of the bold colors, and cinnamon sticks are sure to add that Christmas smell. Find out how to make these cute tree shaped ornaments and decorate your tree with small trees.

Skirts are also necessary for Christmas trees. Cover the base to add even more chic to your tree. This tree skirt is made of plaid and satin. You have to sew it, so some skills are required. Make some matching ornaments with the same fabric for a cool and cozy Christmas tree look!

Garlands and wreaths

This tartan garland is a nice idea for any home. It can be used on tree decorations, mantelpiece, stairs, doors, and many other things including windows. The project involves a little sewing, but the result is well worth your time. Use different colors of plaid to make the garland cooler!

Make your Christmas heart warm with this cute and cozy plaid heart garland. Such an idea is not typical for Christmas, but it does add romance to the room. So if you want to celebrate or even propose with your love, she is ideal!

This lush Christmas wreath with evergreen plants, pine cones, gilded berries and other details makes a great Christmas decoration. This is basically a common styrofoam wreath wrapped in plaid fabric and then you can add whatever decor you want. Read on to find out how to make a piece like this for your front door.

For this wreath, rock different shades of plaid and tartan and make the decor cool. This piece is decorated with snow-covered branches and pine cones, or it can be personalized however you like - rock different decorating ideas. Such an item will make a nice traditional door decoration idea.

Other ideas

Add a touch of plaid to your festive table with a cool plaid table runner. This craft does not involve sewing so you can do it very easily and quickly. Read the instructions.

Candles add coziness to any room, so this craft is exactly what you need for the holidays. This is a checkered candle holder for multiple candles, and it can be easily made with plaid and some buttons - nothing difficult here!

Make an extra Christmas tree for each room of a cone and some plaid fabric. The idea is simple: just wrap the cone in plaid and add a silver pompom on top. Stand the tree on a table or mantelpiece, or use it somewhere as an extra small tree. Enjoy!

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