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minimalist living rooms

DelightFULL minimalist living rooms

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More is less, and this is a minimalist style motto that's currently high on the agenda. No unnecessary objects, no excessive colors and no crazy decor - just the bare essentials and pure chic! If you're still hesitating about whether or not you need minimalist spaces in your home, take a look at our roundup of the most stylish minimalist living spaces.

Style and colors

The minimalist style is often used solo, nothing else as it is very self-sufficient, but you can add some other styles as well. These can be modern, contemporary and scandi styles, they go very well with minimalism. Don't go too far - just incorporate furniture or decor into these styles and nothing else.

The color scheme is usually monochromatic: go purely neutral, white, black and white, or even dark. You can add some bright accents, but limit yourself to that - minimalism is not about bold colors.


How do I avoid the boring and cold look that is so common in minimalist homes? Decide on different materials! It can be a marble or stone-clad fireplace, a metal coffee table, comfortable furniture made of various fabrics and carpets. Textiles and upholstery are exactly what gives your minimalist living room a cozy atmosphere.


What should a minimalist living room look like? It should be roomy - even if you don't have enough space, try adding a negative space for an airy feel. Think of simple lines and smooth surfaces, you don't need anything whimsical or unusual here. Check out some ideas below!

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