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pink christmas decor ideas

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Pink is more of an unusual color for winter holidays, but it's a cool example to decorate and highlight in other ways. Pink has many different shades that easily go with glamor or vintage decor. Pink, dust or light pink, blush or fuchsia.

Pink Christmas trees

Rock Pink Christmas Decorations: Pastel or bold on an ordinary Christmas tree or on a flocked one. Pink ornaments go well with gold, silver, or ivory. Try different color combinations. When you're ready to make bold statements, buy a pink Christmas tree! It can be decorated with pink, silver, white or gold ornaments for a soft look.

Pink Christmas Ornaments

Pink Christmas decorations are your key to success! Choose the colors and patterns you like, try different shapes - heart-shaped pink ornaments will suit not only Christmas, but also Valentine's Day. These ornaments can be used for tree decoration, for making garlands, wreaths, for presentation on trays or in cloches. You can also use them as a gift lid.

Other ideas

Pink pillows, pink candles and pink pine cone wreaths are just the thing to rock your glamorous Christmas party! Enjoy these girly ideas!

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