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cute spring terrariums

cute spring terrariums

Terrariums have become a real trend in decorating homes and events, and I think there’s nothing more natural than a spring terrarium. At this time of year we want as much green and flowers as possible! Let’s take a look at some trendy ideas, most of which can easily be made by yourself with no instruction required.

Cloche terrariums

Cloches are ideal for making your own terrariums and give your home a slight vintage feel. You can rock moss, greens, flowers and of course some decorations like rabbits, fake eggs, birds and bird nests. The good thing about it is that you can always open your cloche and change the inside.

Jar terrariums

You can easily make a cool terrarium in a jar. Just choose a glass you like and fill it. Growing onions only in pots is a myth. You can make a cool terrarium with onions in a simple jar with pebbles and water. Lily of the valley, moss, greens, orchids and of course succulents are a nice filling for any spring terrarium.

If you love to host parties or just invite a few friends over to your home and have plenty of outdoor space, you should go for a unique outdoor function - a conversation pit. It used to be a trend and now it's making a big comeback. There are several advantages - it's a lot cozier, it's a unique piece for any outdoor space, and you'll really feel special in it as it's usually a bit separate from the rest of the back yard. They can be made and clad with stone, brick, and concrete for durability and covered with wood for coziness and warmth. Let's take a look at some ideas on how to steal.

Sunken pits

Sunken conversation pits are a hot trend because they look really amazing. It's like a separate zone in your outdoor space. It can be modern and elegant, with simple padded seats, and you can place a table or fire bowl in the middle for maximum comfort. If you have a pool, consider sinking your conversation pit right into the pool. It looks and feels amazing!

Usual pits

Common conversation pits are no lower than your deck level - they are on the same level or at least have cushioned seats on the deck. They are a lot easier to design. Add colorful pillows and candle lanterns to make the space more welcoming, and fireplaces are of course a good idea.

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