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cute baby shower favors

cute baby shower favors

Baby showers are the cutest parties ever, no matter what theme you choose! But like any party, besides some decor and goodies, it also requires favors to keep in mind. Let me share the cutest and easiest baby shower ideas that I could find on Pinterest!

Foodie favors

Food and beverage favors have been and always are the most popular because it’s much easier to treat people with something than figuring out what they all like. Depending on the shower theme and the baby’s gender, these can be popcorn bags, soda cans, mini alcohol bottles, cakes or hot cocoa in a glass and, of course, sweets of various kinds. Pack them in a cool way, for example in mason jars with baby pacifiers or as baby bottles.

Other ideas

Other favors can be succulents potted in various cute planters, colorful candles in glasses or pots, loofahs of different colors, rattles, pacifiers, of course decorative ones, candles, pillows and the like. Keep the theme and colors of your shower in mind, turn on your imagination and you will come up with something really cool! Don’t forget to wrap them up in a cool way and add fun tags and these will be the cutest favors ever!

Gardening season is on and I bet everyone will strive to plant and grow something fresh somewhere outside. If you want to plant something but don't have enough space for it, there are some creative space-saving garden solutions like vertical planters or hanging gardens. Today I want to share some hanging ideas for those of you who are lacking in space.

Creating indoor and outdoor hanging gardens is pretty easy. Choose a pot to use: it could be a regular pot, piece of gutter, PVC pipe, old kitchen strainer, piece of bottle, bucket, or something else. Here it all depends on the style of gardening you want, the things you have on hand, and the plants you are growing. Then decide how you want to secure everything: on rods, chains or ropes or just hang it up somewhere with hooks. Now somehow mark the planters if they are vegetables or herbs to distinguish them if necessary. You can do this with chalkboard markers or just spray the pots with different colors.

Now hang the entire construction in the desired place: on your terrace, balcony, garden or even on the veranda and enjoy your plants. So easy!

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