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Cotton candy cake |  Liv for cake

 kids party candy centerpieces

Cotton candy cake | Liv for cake kids party candy centerpieces

This cotton candy cake has pretty marbled layers of light and fluffy cake paired with a cotton candy buttercream! | livforcake.com kids party candy centerpieces

What is the most popular there when we attend children's events? Sweets, of course! They are used as decorations and as a dessert, and children are delighted with them. Today I want to share the most popular kids party centerpieces, and all of them are made up of different types of candy.

Glasses and bowls

Transparent glasses and vases show the candy in the best possible way and create a cool, colorful centerpiece. You can create candy centerpieces in a single color or their hues, or use ombre or rainbow centerpieces, add candles and sprinkles, or use different patterns made with candy. Cover the whole piece with chocolate cake, lollipops, cotton candy and other things.


A bucket is also a great idea to display the candy! But you can be a lot more creative using pinwheels in candy or making cool styrofoam lollipop balls. You look really cool and brave. Use different types of candy and lollipops, add paper pompoms and other things for a bold look.

Other ideas

Do you want something rustic? Grow some wheatgrass and add pops - this idea will go well with not only a kids' party but a bridal shower or whatever. Another idea is to make a treasure chest with various candies or make styrofoam balls on stands. Check out the cool ideas below and get inspired!

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