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 kitchen corner storage ideas

#CottageKitchen kitchen corner storage ideas

#CottageKitchen kitchen corner storage ideas

Kitchens are often small, although they have to accommodate a lot of things. To get the most out of every inch of space, we do super creative advertising with different types of storage. We have already talked about floating shelves, various cabinets, pulling and rotating, and today I want to share some ideas to organize storage even in the corners that are usually considered dead spaces. Believe me, even a small corner cabinet can keep your kitchen from mess!

Drawers and cupboards

Drawers and cupboards are a good idea to store baking tins, plates, cups or to hide your home bar there. If your cabinet does not have any drawers, you can order them at any time and use them yourself. Another great idea is rotating hard drives, which you can get at IKEA, for example, to make it easy to store and find things there. You can also roll and pull out shelves from the inside, the idea is up to you.

Open shelves

Even the smallest corner can be taken up by a narrow closet or some floating shelves. Don't waste this space, don't order a closet, or make shelves yourself! On the contrary, you can wrap your corner with floating shelves. They don't look bulky, but still offer space for many things. Check out the ideas below to find the best solutions for your kitchen!

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