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Cork boats

 diy bath boats for your kids

Cork boats diy bath boats for your kids

Cork boats! I do this like that, but now I have to drink some wine ….. diy bath boats for your kids

Are your kids bored of all kinds of bath toys? Then it's time to organize a boat race! Here are 7 ideas to quickly make a boat out of things everyone has at home. A yacht made of sponge, a speedboat made of containers from Kinder Surprise, a sailing boat made of corks, ships made of a glue tube, a common lid and wine corks will keep your child busy for a long time. Inhale more air and see whose ship gets to the finish line faster! If you don't have time to bathe, the race can be organized in a large plastic box. Have fun!

A wine cork ship

A sponge ship

A tic tac ship

A bottle cap ship

A lid ship

A children's surprise egg boat

A glue bottle ship

Video shows how to make bathing boats


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