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confetti diys for parties

confetti diys for parties

Confetti = parties! Nothing brings that party feel more than confetti and it’s always a win-win idea to incorporate them into the party decor, and I mean non-edible ones – just those for the decor. I have prepared some amazing ideas for the parties you look forward to. Let’s get started!

Plates and dishes

Take the usual simple mugs and spruce them up for parties! How am I supposed to do that? Add some washi tape and confetti tape to the mugs and spray gold! That’s it, you have great party cups and can also spice up other glassware this way. Such a simple craft for spring and summer parties!

These colorful confetti champagne flutes are made from glass enamel of different colors, which makes them super fun! These are great DIY pieces for any party, from New Years Eve to a usual birthday. rock all the colors you like!

Glassware of any kind can be spiced up for any party or add a fun and bright touch to any meal or celebration. Read how to spice up glass cups and plates with colorful confetti circles and how to make them dishwasher safe and enjoy them!

This is not about dishes or glassware, but also about drinks! The tutorial will show you how to decorate a champagne bottle with confetti – a great idea for a party of any kind, from a bachelorette to a baby shower. Confetti are attached to the bottle with the usual glue – nothing difficult here!

Such elegant champagne flutes are made from gold ribbon and gold bows. They are great for exquisite parties, New Years Eve, engagements and similar parties. It only takes a few minutes to make – a great craft if you’re in a rush.

These amazing bowls are made with a gold leaf pen kit and common ceramic bowls. This is a very easy craft – just take a pen and puncture the bowl with confetti – as many as you like, tight or not. Enjoy using the bowl and serving whatever you want.

Ordinary glass bowls can be transformed into fun and colorful ones with ordinary self-adhesive vinyl. Cut colorful confetti from the shapes and looks you like and attach them to the bowls – voila! The crafts are very easy and don’t take much time – do them at the last minute if needed and make your party fun!

This vehicle is a continuation of the previous one and is dedicated to the cups. Usual acrylic cups with a golden rim are pepped up like the bowls with permanently adhesive vinyl in bright colors. Make it quick and have fun partying!

These glass plates are made with a white paint pen. They were used to decorate plates with a confetti-like pattern. You can also add some words if you want. The idea is very simple and the plates look very cute and fun! Using white paint only makes the plates calmer and softer.

Make some colorful confetti chargers and placemats with Q-tips and bold craft paint. Pick up simple chargers and spruce them up for fun, serving party meals, or styling the tables. Create your own patterns and looks with painted confetti and enjoy!

These super fun bowls can be used for serving and displaying various things and are made from confetti and mod podge. They will take some time to make, but they are so colorful and bright that they are really worth it!

Party decor

Usual simple and boring paper lanterns can be spiced up for a party with large confetti. The confetti are punched out of colored paper and attached to the paper lantern with Mod Podge. You can also paint them on the lanterns if you want.

Clear vinyl from the fabric store can be turned into beautiful, bold confetti placemats! How? Sew some placemats with two pieces of vinyl and fill each placemat with colorful and shiny confetti – so simple and so modern! Make your party fun with these great placemats!

Party balloons can be made using neon labels for office supplies. Cut out confetti and just attach them to the balloons you want. Make as many as you need and use them to decorate the party room – such a simple craft of the things that are at hand!

Make a colorful confetti chandelier that hangs over the party room or dining area. The beautiful colors of coral, turquoise, gold and plum give the room a bizarre note! The piece consists of dowels and large paper confetti hanging on strings. Then you just have to hang the whole chandelier somewhere.

Take a standard tablecloth and spruce it up with standard fabric colors! Make a tablecloth with painted confetti to add a whimsy touch to your table landscape. Go for colorful ones or keep them in two colors to calm the table setting. Such a solution is suitable for both adult and children’s parties!

These balloons are great for parties – not only are they patterned with confetti, but they are filled with them too! Make lots of colorful paper confetti and put them in balloons and then fill them with air. It is better to take white or transparent balloons to make the confetti more visible.

Decorate your drinks with fun and colorful confetti umbrellas! Take the usual pieces of paper and pop them with colorful confetti that can be attached with Mod Podge. Make super colorful and fun umbrellas for guests’ drinks for a bright and happy feeling at the party!

Photo booth decor

Make a confetti number photo prop for your party! Take a standard paper mache number and spice it up with some bold confetti of your choice. Common spray glue will help you show the number at its best. It’s a nice idea for a birthday or anniversary celebration.

Giant paper confetti can be used to create a beautiful colorful confetti background! Use a fishing line to make the confetti look like they are floating in mid-air. Check out how to attach them to a leash and hang those strings in the photo booth for a cool backdrop.

This is another photo booth backdrop, and it’s a lot simpler than the previous one. It is made of fabric and confetti is painted on it. Easy and quick, don’t forget to iron the background to avoid the messy look!

I bet a lot of you have already chosen a menu for Christmas dinner, but what about a festive breakfast? It should feel like Christmas too, but the food should be breakfast. So choose your favorite recipes and brush them up for Christmas. I've prepared some popular DIYs for Christmas breakfast, all of them breathe with the holidays.

Homemade donuts are easier than you think. These glazed beauties have a hint of gingerbread spice that is perfect for the holidays or whenever the craving strikes.

What better way to start Christmas morning than with a large plate of hot banana and eggnog pancakes? They might even be more tempting than the gifts under the tree - seriously, they're delicious. And bonus: they're dairy-free too.

Hearty and sweet scones with notes of subtle cranberry-vanilla-tea flavor and juicy pomegranate pops. Crispy on the outside and super tender on the inside, these cranberry and pomegranate tea cones are perfect for your holiday breakfast or brunch!

One of the best parts of the holiday season is of course the food. Especially when it comes to warm cranberry-almond-protein scones with ooey-gooey sweet almond glaze. Yum.

These gingerbread pancakes, flavored with wonderful spices, are a nice change from the traditional version and make the perfect breakfast on Christmas morning. These gingerbread pancakes really are the perfect breakfast treat for the vacation. Try serving them with a cup of coffee flavored with cinnamon-flavored coffee cream.

Try these festive Danish candy cane cherry cheese pastries in the shape of a candy cane! This beautiful candy cane Danish is easy to assemble with croissants, cherry pie filling and sweetened cream cheese.

Eggnog cinnamon rolls are the treat that will make you want to wake up on Christmas morning. With an eggnog and cream cheese frosting, these cinnamon buns are the epitome of a holiday treat!

Cranberry and orange are a perfect combination of winter flavor and they really shine in these mini cranberry and orange donuts! Whether you serve these for breakfast or dessert, they are so easy and quick to make. You can even make them full-sized if the bite size isn't your thing.

Make gingerbread French toast with cinnamon honey sauce for your loved ones, it's simple, tasty, rich and Christmassy. A great breakfast or brunch recipe with a touch of Christmas and delicious sauce! You will be overwhelmed after trying! The cinnamon honey dip is a dream and should not be missing. He takes this French gingerbread toast to a whole new level.

Cranberries are one of the classic winter dishes that are so popular but seem difficult to cook. These muffins are made with wholemeal pastry flour, which gives them a deliciously light and fluffy texture. They're insanely soft and practically melting in your mouth, and what could be better for a Christmas morning?

Biscuit cinnamon rolls can be amazing for a Christmas breakfast. Buttery, flaky cookie dough wrapped around a sticky cinnamon sugar filling and covered with buttermilk icing, these pinwheels of sweet breakfast happiness will brighten even the grayest days.

If you want to reduce your sugar intake - these ginger and cardamom cookies are vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free and are perfect for breakfast, snack or dessert!

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