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concrete fireplace designs

concrete fireplace designs

Concrete is a very modern and current material that you can use to design everything in your home. You can see concrete walls, ceilings, floors, entire houses, furniture and decor. But today I’m sharing ideas on another cool concrete feature: concrete chimneys! Why chimneys? Because autumn is not that far and it is very pleasant to gather around a fireplace – one that is working, one that is not working, or just a built-in one.

A concrete fireplace can be very different: it can be large or small or take up an entire wall, it can be of different colors (yes, concrete is different colors) and it can show different designs – from very industrial to absolutely elegant and minimalist. Such a fireplace is a nice solution for a modern, contemporary, minimalist chalet, industrial, farmhouse and many other rooms, depending on the design, decor and even mantelpiece. You can opt for a double-sided concrete fireplace to decorate and divide two rooms at the same time.

The most popular concrete fireplaces are large fireplaces with one or more niches for storing firewood. Such a feature becomes the focal point of any room, even if it is a non-working piece, and firewood gives a cozy feeling that is no worse than working a fireplace could. There are also corner and smaller concrete fireplace constructions, which can be lighter or darker – depending on the effect you want to achieve. Add texture to your concrete or choose a rough wood panel coat to make it more interesting and eye-catching. Decorate it with tiles, metal and potted plants, and voila – your fireplace area is gorgeous! Get inspired!

Tired of traditional emeralds, reds and golds everywhere but still want some color? No problem, I have an idea for you - go turquoise! This is rather an unusual color for Christmas decorations, it is bold and mood-lifting, and you will definitely stand out with such a decoration. It can be suitable for seaside Christmas decorations or remind of frosty winter tones. Here are some ideas I want to share.

Christmas tree decor

Take some turquoise ornaments and garlands to decorate your Christmas tree. You can mix turquoise with gold, white, silver, emerald, and red to create bold combinations for your tree and make it stand out. There are turquoise trees to try too, and they definitely require very bold ornaments to stand out even more. Silver ones give your tree a coastal feel.

Other decorating ideas

Take turquoise ornaments to make some cool displays. They are perfect for decorating on the coast. Add star fish, seashells, and other details that you like. Turquoise stockings with sequins are good for decorating your fireplace, and you can place some turquoise candlesticks and frames with ornaments that hang for cool decor. Make a garland of ornaments and evergreens for the mantelpiece, use a cake stand to display ornaments with evergreens and pine cones. Be inspired by the color and enjoy!

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