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colorful halloween decor ideas

colorful halloween decor ideas

Tired of traditional creepy and spooky decor for Halloween? Skip this gothic decor, all the dark and moody decorations and go for a modern and colorful decor that your guests and friends are not really expecting! This summary will be a nice source of inspiration for such a decor. Let yourself be inspired!

Colorful Halloween pumpkins

Pumpkins are a must have for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving decor, there is no Halloween without them, but forget about moody and somber and scary jack-o’-lanterns. Decorate pumpkins for Halloween with the brightest, boldest colors ever! Go for watercolors, gradients, ombre, pearls, sequins, glitter, and anything else that comes to mind. You can dive, paint, stencil, and even use pens to create whimsical and colorful pumpkins with pictures and full quotes. There are tons of ways to decorate pumpkins in a fun and bright way, check out the tutorials and make something you like.

Colorful Halloween decor

Rock brightly colored Halloween pumpkins and continue your decor in bright colors! Colorful paper bats, spiders, spider webs and tassels will help you freshen up your front door and porch, fireplace and mantelpiece, shelves and window sills, coffee and console tables. Rock bright and colorful works of art and signs, brightly colored tableware and barware, garlands and banners, serve candy and other goodies in brightly colored bowls and pumpkins. Most of these decorations can easily be made by yourself using tutorials from the internet. So just stop by and see what you like. Stick to the color scheme that decorates the dining table with brightly colored flowers and napkins, with bright tablecloths and candle holders, with brightly colored plates and chargers. Proceed to the bar cart, which has some pumpkins, bold blooms, and colorful barware stacked on it for fun. Create a bright Halloween tree in bold colors and get inspired with fun ornaments!

If you are thinking of a kitchen renovation that doesn't require a lot of money or effort, but still makes your space cooler, bolder and more unusual, I have an idea for you - go for blackboards! There are different ways to incorporate a blackboard into your interior and these boards are always very functional. Do you want some inspiration? Let's start!

Blackboard walls / backsplashes

A blackboard wall or backsplash is a classic idea for a kitchen of any style: black goes with all sorts of color schemes and styles. Such a backsplash or wall won't cost you much and can be used for taking notes, leaving messages, jotting down recipes and making shopping lists. Yes, such a backsplash is not very practical: it is not very easy to clean, but you can renovate the greases and cheaply add a coat of paint. A blackboard wall can be used for art by your kids while they cook, or you can attach some railings with herbs and mark them all with chalk. A blackboard wall with art and everything will make a beautiful accent wall in the kitchen.

Other ideas

How else can you add chalkboard surfaces to your space? Cover an outside or inside surface of a closet - for art or markings, or for a fresh look. The same can be done with a refrigerator, for example, and it's a nice place to leave your shopping list there. Hang a blackboard sign in your tea / coffee bar or make a large blackboard with spice racks to mark the spices without labels. Enjoy!

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