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color block christmas crafts

color block christmas crafts

Color Block is an ultra-modern and very trendy option to integrate two bold shades of color easily and in a very fresh way. Such an idea can also be incorporated into the Christmas decorations, and your Christmas rooms will be bright, bold and very angular. Do you need ideas? Here you are!

To create these bold and cool Christmas decorations, you need MERRY paper mache letters – you can buy CHRISTMAS letters too. Take light colors and block the letters with stencils to make the decor more accurate. Mark your letters with lots of greenery and succulents or candles and voila – a chic candelabra is ready!

These are cool color block Christmas decorations made from common plastic balls. Take bright and bold Christmas decorations, cover them with duct tape and spray paint or paint a part of any gimmick – the colors should contrast the ornaments as much as possible for a very bold look. Now decorate your Christmas tree or your branches with it and enjoy the colors!

These bold and chic color block Christmas ornaments are almost the same as the previous ones, but there’s a cool gold accent here. Make the accents with gold tape to hide the edge of the colors and the ornaments will look chic and bright, it will be a cool glamorous touch.

These color block Christmas ornaments are gradient color gradients. They look very light and bold, but are softer and cooler than the usual color block embellishments. The idea is simple: you just spray the ornaments with bright colors and you’re done – don’t cover them with tape to soften the transition between colors.

Wrap your present in color block wrapping paper to make it even more awesome for the person near you! Cover the gift with two types of paper of different colors and secure them together with tape. Then take a brightly colored but matching wider tape and cover the plain tape with it to hide it. The result will be super cool and very stylish.

These are double block Christmas decorations – wood block and color block decorations! The idea is pretty simple: just take blocks of wood and cover them with duct tape. Then paint or spray them in bold colors. Create different shapes to make your ornaments even more eye-catching.

These cool and bright color block Christmas ornaments are made with light colored tape – no colors this time! These are blocks of wood with light-colored tape, there are no colors, and the tape can be applied completely randomly – such an idea is very cool for children, they can easily make it.

Get more color block ornaments for Christmas! These are diamond-shaped wooden ornaments that have been painted with light colors to create a color block effect. Offer your children to take part in the decoration of these ornaments and let them rock bright shades and any shapes. Have fun together!

Stockings are traditionally used to decorate for the holidays, and many of us will use them for fun. How do you make your stockings unique and creative? Make color block Christmas stockings, of course! Dipping is an easy and inexpensive way to add a custom color to your decor and is exactly the method that these cool stockings are made with. Create a whole bunch in a color palette or use a different color for each family member. Get inspired!

Yesterday we shared some cool ideas for reusing your old wine bottles in different ways and today I want to give you some more ideas, this time for the outdoors.

The first idea is for gardeners. How do you water your plants when you are away for several days? First, you'll want to rinse your wine bottle and fill it with water. Put a cork in there. Push it down as far as you can. Next, use a nail to make a hole the length of the cork and remove it. Insert the wine bottle upside down into the plant and it will be hydrated for up to 3 days!

There's no summer without mosquitos and various other types of insects, but here's one way to get rid of them - make some tiki torches and citronella candles. Fill your bottles with citronella fuel and add wicks. You can also use craft pebbles as decoration.

Now let's take care of birds. There are several ways to make bird and hummingbird feed troughs with the nose or the bottom of the bottle. Just follow the instructions in the tutorial you want.

Are you partying or partying outdoors? Make hanging vases out of wine bottles, fill them with water and add flowers.

If you have a lot of bottles, you can even use them to build an outside fence. All you have to do is take recycled glass bottles of different colors and put them on steel bars. You can easily do this yourself.

Hanging planters with wine bottles is another cool idea. You need to cut the glass bottle first and since you cannot use soil as a planting medium, use moss or peat. Use a wire or small rope tied just below the bottle threads for hanging.

Wind chimes are cool outdoor decor with adorable sounds, and you can do some with old wine bottles. Hand cut each bottle and sand the edges smooth. After assembling the greyhound, test each one outdoors for durability.

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