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coastal beach bathroom decor

coastal beach bathroom decor

Love coasts and beaches? Do you want to bring that aesthetic and feel to your home? Or do you have a beach house to renovate? This round-up will help in any of these cases and will help you create a seaside oasis in your bathroom easily and in style.

Colors and styles

If you want to incorporate this coastal beauty into your bathroom decor, you need some blues. If you prefer light colors, you will be cheerful with bold shades. If you want a more modern and airy feel, go pale and light blue and gray. Different shades of green – mostly aqua-like and blue-connected – will make your bathroom look beautiful, and neutral colors will never go out of style as this is about modern beach houses and their aesthetics. Brass and gold tones create an exquisite look, and black partners add a modern touch.

The seaside bathrooms can be contemporary, contemporary, vintage, retro, glamorous, Scandinavian, and tropical. These styles go very well with beach and seaside decor.


Give your bathroom a coastal feel with beautiful tiles in a chosen color: turquoise, blue, light blue, aqua, navy or any other color that will add a bright accent to your color scheme or even the main color. A claw-foot tub fits into a vintage room, and a freestanding bathtub accentuates a modern bathroom. Wood and woven items will make the room cozy and nautical, and potted plants will liven it up. If you have an amazing ocean view, mark it and if not, hang some artwork on the ocean. Enjoy!

White walls are foundations that go with most interior design styles and give you a blank canvas that can be filled with anything you want. But plain white walls look pretty boring and don't add character or tone to the room. Avoid using some cool structural materials in white - brick, stone, wood, and others. Check out the ideas we've gathered below!


Bricks are now very popular for home decor. They fit easily into any room, from rustic or industrial to glamorous. A white brick wall is a great way to add texture and interest to any room. If you want a rougher look, choose shabby whitewashed bricks.


Whitewashed wood is a popular idea for coastal, beach, vintage, shabby chic, and rustic interiors. Rock some whitewashed wood walls as a statement or do it all whitewashed, it's in your place. You can give the wood a neater look by painting the wood white, not just whitewash. Such an idea works well for a rustic room.


Cladding is a hot trend in decor. Not only are they used in sophisticated vintage spaces, but also in modern, minimalist, glamorous and contemporary interiors. The stronger the contrast between shape and decor, the cooler the result. Apply some molding to your walls or keep the existing molding and give it a sophisticated feel. For more shape ideas, visit our paneling summary.


You can spice up your bathroom or kitchen with cool white tiles of various shapes and appearances. These can be long and narrow tiles, trendy subway tiles, hexagon tiles, and many other white tiles that you like. If you take simple tiles, they can be covered with a very noticeable pattern. Highlight your tiles with contrasting grout, black, red, or even pink and you have a very cool bathroom or kitchen space. Enjoy!

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