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clawfoot bathtubs

clawfoot bathtubs

A claw foot bathtub is a nifty and chic item for any bathroom, and such pieces are becoming increasingly popular. If you still hesitate when you need one, we have prepared some pictures to show you – get inspired!

Black claw foot bathtubs

A black claw-foot bathtub is a chic idea for making a statement in a monochrome room, laying mosaic tiles on the floor and a cool look is ready! You can go for black legs or add more sophisticated gold-plated or brass legs, then choose matching fittings and your bathroom will be very sophisticated.

Colorful claw-foot bathtubs

A bright bathtub is a cool and edgy idea to add color to your bathroom. Whether neutral or monochrome, it can easily be spiced up with an emerald green, orange, red, blue, yellow or any other color tray. Even if your room is already colorful, a light bathtub still gives a light touch. Enjoy!

Summer is here! Even if the weather isn't that hot in your area, it's summer! Let's welcome it with a peculiar home decor - wickerwork, rattan chairs, fresh green arrangements and maybe also prints. Adding prints is a very simple idea to get the feel you want without spending a lot of money. If you use accessories, they can easily be changed from season to season. What prints can you add to your summer home?

Tropical leaf

Tropical leaves always scream for summer and this is a timeless print that always works and looks very chic. Gives the room a light modern touch from the middle of the century. Tropical leaf cushions, wallpaper, artwork, upholstery, and rugs embellish any space you have - from the bathroom to the entrance.

Citrus fruits

Citrus prints are all around the middle of the century, they're bright and lift the mood all at once. Add citrus curtains to your kitchen or shower, rock citrus pillows on your stool or ottoman, have citrus-printed wallpaper printed in the entryway, and summer will stay!


Pineapples are a popular print for contemporary decor - this is part of the tropical style that's so hot right now. Opt for the pineapple print bedding, pillows, pillows and curtains and create a gallery wall with pineapple artwork - this will be fun and glamorous!


Flamingos are another modern mid-century print for rocking. They are less timeless than tropical leaves. Flamingos look amazing on wallpaper - in bedrooms, kindergartens, guest toilets and entrance areas. You can also opt for bed linen with flamingo print or spice up your furniture with flamingo wallpaper.


Rock fruity prints! They add a mid-century modern touch to the space no matter what you use: wallpaper, bedding, carpets, curtains, artwork, and so on. You can rock just one fruit print or mix all of your favorite juices in one, with a more modern look or an abstract touch for a mid-century interior. Be inspired by the ideas we have gathered and dive into this summer!

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