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christmas tree collars

christmas tree collars

If you want to adorn a tree with ornaments, lights, tinsel, and all that work, then why stop covering the bare base? A tree collar is like a collar for the bottom of your tree that covers the stand that you screw your evergreen into. It’s a very chic, no-frills way of covering that chunky base. You get full base coverage and can make a decorative statement without feeling like you’re trapped in the past of Christmas. Here are some fresh and trendy ideas!

Glam tree collars

A glamorous tree collar rounds off your tree perfectly with its sparkling appearance. You may find models with pearls, rhinestones, even pieces of mirrors or lights to highlight your tree. Glitter tree collars are also cool for adding sparkle to your tree.

Other tree collars

If glamorous decor isn’t your thing, you can try baskets – but not common ones, go for snowman baskets! Try seagrass tree collars for a natural feel or go for wood which is a timeless idea. Galvanized metal collars are welcome too, but get creative – metal and wood or metal with laser cut snowflakes. Get inspired!

The IKEA Micke desk is a beautiful, sleek piece that cries out to be freshened up, and you can do that in many different ways and in different colors! I've prepared the coolest, easiest hacks to inspire you to renovate a Micke desk that will suit your space. Let's start!

For adults

A Micke desk can be used as a desk or a vanity for adults. If you don't need to freshen it up for a vanity, keep it that way, but if you use it as a desk, change it up! Add self-adhesive vinyl in any color or print, a world map, and bright colors in geometric patterns. Choose metallic handles and knobs and voila, you have a bold desk!

For children

If you buy a Micke desk for children, you definitely have to add a colorful touch to it, as the desk is very simple. Rock strong adhesive paper or vinyl in the drawers, paint the desk in strong colors or spruce up the desk with a strong border. Have fun creating!

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