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christmas tree alternatives

christmas tree alternatives

Don’t you need an ordinary Christmas tree? Or would you like an additional one for another room? Then these amazing Christmas tree alternatives are your choice! They are made of different materials, in different colors and designs, so that each of you can find something that he or she can make. Take a look at the ideas below.

Wall-mounted Christmas tree alternatives

A wall-mounted Christmas tree takes up no space, is usually easy to make, and can be placed anywhere you want. The tree can be made of ornaments and garlands attached to the wall, evergreen branches, just lights, wooden discs, book pages, PVC pipes and many other things that you like. A popular idea now is to make a frame out of a tree out of evergreen garlands and attach ornaments and other decor to it. If you don’t have a lot of time, take duct tape and attach it to the wall, then add ornaments. Fairy lights are also great for creating a Christmas tree right on the wall. Pick any color and design your tree. If you are a handyman, you can make a PVC pipe Christmas tree with ornaments and pine cones. You can also opt for a Christmas tree artwork in a frame that can be moved anywhere, and such a tree can also be made of anything from brooches and rhinestones to garlands of pearls.

Other Christmas tree alternatives

What other Christmas tree alternatives can you rock? It can be a ladder tree – take a ladder, decorate it with lights, ornaments and pine cones, and put your family pictures in frames. Another idea is to make a Christmas tree out of hanging Christmas ornaments. This is a very creative floating tree idea, but you will have to spend a lot of time sculpting it. Plywood silhouette and frame Christmas trees are a popular idea for modern spaces, they can be decorated with different things from ornaments to lights. For fun, place a large cactus in place of a Christmas tree, decorate it with brightly colored ornaments and pompoms, and organize your cool Mexico-inspired Christmas party. If you’d like to make some of these trees yourself, check out our roundup.

A wreath is a simple and cute piece of decoration. You will find a suitable piece for every season or holiday. Today I want to inspire you to make or find a Valentine's Day wreath - these pieces are beautiful and easy to make, they don't require any additional instructions as their appearance clearly explains how they are made. Interested? Let's look at some cute ideas.

Faux / fresh greens and flowers

Green and flowers, real or artificial, are great for decorating Valentine's Day as they look fresh and romantic. You can shape them as hearts or keep them in a normal shape by adding bows, beads, and bold fabric or paper hearts. To make the wreath more durable, stick to artificial greens and flowers.

Paper wreaths

Paper is the easiest material to make a wreath with. Take vintage Valentine's cards, playing cards, or paper hearts and attach them to a common wreath shape that covers all or part of them. It's up to you - it's easy!

Other ideas

Fabric or thread are also great for handicrafts. Make a pompom wreath in the shape of a heart - it's super easy, or cover the wreath with yarn and attach felt hearts. Use a nice vintage frame with some hearts hanging and bows added to decorate. If you want a rustic feel, make a heart-shaped wreath out of wooden discs and add a large bow. Happy Valentines Day!

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