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christmas tea party ideas

christmas tea party ideas

We continue the tea party theme and today I am sharing something very special – these are Christmas tea party ideas. Many of us love celebrating tea during the holidays, inviting family, friends and neighbors. How to decorate and what to serve at this party to make it even more special and cozy?

Christmas tea party decor

First, choose a tea set for your party depending on the style and mood you want to create. It could be a vintage silver set or a modern red and white set or an all white set for a pure white tea party. Your tea service determines the mood and the decor. If it’s a modern tea party, add cuddles to teacups and teapots to make them look cuter and cuter. You can display your tea cups on the Christmas tree or on a cupcake stand. Give your guests edible favors such as candy canes, sweets or truffles in Christmas colors.

Christmas tea party goodies

Obviously you know what to serve guests, but here are some more ideas that might interest you. Gingerbread cookies of all shapes and sizes should be present as it is Christmas, there is nothing more traditional for this holiday. Decorate sugar cubes with royal frosting that makes holly berries and leaves. Your guests will love it. Serve delightful desserts and cupcakes at various stands.

A fireplace can bring warmth and cosiness like no other decor. This is especially important in autumn and winter. If you don't have a fireplace, not even an electric one, and you can't manage it, you can always opt for an artificial fireplace and decorate it so that it brings no less heat than an ordinary fireplace. Let's take a look at how to decorate your artificial fireplace to get the maximum effect and create more coziness.


Setting candles is one of the most popular ways to spice up a broken fireplace or fake fireplace. Candles perfectly imitate real fire, be careful when using them without a candle holder, do not set everything on fire! Glass candle holders and even lanterns are a great idea to decorate and completely safe. Mirror surfaces behind the candles emphasize the light.


Logs are another cozy idea for decorating an artificial fireplace. These can be real logs, logs with candles in place (don't forget that candle holders won't burn anything), or even fake wood panels that just cover the entire fireplace. You can also make a cool decorative chevron board to cover the fireplace. It's always up to date.

Other ideas

Fireplaces are great for storing and displaying items. Potted greens, flowers, and succulents can be placed inside to liven up the space a little. You look unusual. You can even put shelves in a fireplace and place whatever you want there. It looks eye-catching and stylish.

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