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christmas living room decor ideas

christmas living room decor ideas

A living room is often the most important room of all, as everyone gathers in this room and guests also come here. Hence, the decor should be warm, inviting and inspiring. Today we are discussing Christmas living room decor and I promise that these ideas will make your space the coziest in the world!

Basically, every living room has several areas that are important for decoration: a fireplace and mantelpiece, windows and a corner with your Christmas tree. Some living rooms may have all of these parts, others just some, and even if you don’t have a tree, it can fill your living room with festive spirit. I’ll show you how to do it.

Christmas coat

If you decorate a Christmas mantle properly, it will easily become a focal point in your living room and you won’t need a tree with an amazing mantelpiece. Some living rooms run out of space so this can be your perfect solution. Light up your mantelpiece with Christmas lights, candles, marquee lights, and signs. Add evergreen garlands and wreaths, snowy or usual ones. Hang stockings and ornaments in the colors you like: these can be arrangements or just ornaments hanging on the mantelpiece. Put candles in your non-working fireplace or make an artificial insert of firewood. Lanterns, berries and pine cones can add a special charm to your mantelpiece. Don’t be afraid to make it really luscious, it will give you a vacation feel.

Christmas trees

A Christmas tree is a traditional piece for the winter holidays, and we often cannot imagine winter holidays without a tree: at least we place a tiny or wall tree. Even without decor, a tree can be a focal point of any room – a living room, kitchen, or outdoor space. Choose a tree that suits your style: silver or white for a shabby chic room, snow for traditional and vintage rooms, a modern wall or garden version for a minimalist or contemporary interior. Decorate it as you wish: just lights, pine cones, ornaments, artificial snow or with garlands.

Christmas window decor

Windows can also be decorated to bring a festive spirit inside. The most popular decoration here is a wreath: hanging the same symmetrical wreaths on the window looks cool, stylish and elegant. You can also frame your window with a garland of lights and bows or hang some ornaments over the window. Decorate your window with pine cone garlands or snow-covered pompom garlands and enjoy!

Galaxies, constellations, stars, starry skies and all the things related to them are very popular for decorations, outfits and also with children! Kids love to look up at the sky, study galaxies and other things related to outer space, and to keep their interest you can make some galaxy slime. Slime is a great tactile and sensory activity, has a rubbery and smooth texture, and is so fun to touch and experiment with. Here are the coolest DIY recipes from all over the web.

Galaxy Slime is usually made in deep blues, purples, and even black as these are the colors that set the stage of the night sky, and you can add sparkling glitters and sequins to resemble stars. This glittering Midnight Galaxy Slime is absolutely mesmerizing as it glows even in the dark! Read the tutorial to find out how to do it and enjoy!

If your kids love fun and hands-on activities and you can make this great night sky slime for them. It's a perfect space-themed activity or just a great science activity that will spark your kids' interest in space and the stars. Remember, mucus is not safe to taste and should be avoided in children who may be tempted to put it in their mouth. Make sure you always have supervision while kids are using slime.

This is a really amazing galaxy slime in black with glittering and shiny stars that really make you out of this world! This slime is a combination of 3 different slimes so you have to make them all and then combine them into one, but this bold slime is absolutely worth it! It will be a great party favor for the kids to give to their friends. Simply place the slime in airtight containers and it's ready to be spread out.

This galaxy slime is a beautiful and bright color - purple! Making this slime is a lot easier than you might think because the secret ingredient is glitter glue in purple. Read how it's done and let your kids play with it.

This galaxy slime may not show off the real galaxy colors, but it's super colorful, super bright, and fun! Colorful toys are usually catchy children's eyes, so this one will be a hit. Sparkling star confetti will make your slime a little more fun so spread it all!

If your kids are into stars, planets, and galaxies, galaxy slime might be for you! This recipe is like making regular slime, but uses colors that are reminiscent of the night sky: black, purple, and blue. The trick to getting this magical, swirling slime is to prep each color individually and then smooth them together. Read how to do it and make your children happy with it!

This galaxy slime is made up of different colors, including the brightest, and you can create as many shades as you like. Kids will love making their own galactic slime that mixes up these different glittery slimes. And no galaxy slime will look like real galaxies! The best part is that this slime recipe is simple - only 3 ingredients!

This slime from a shining glitter galaxy is great for kids to play with! The key element is that it can be customized even after it's created! Just add more liquid starch if it's too sticky and add more glue if it's too sticky. Stretch it out on the trays and swirl different parts into beautiful galactic vortices. Enjoy!

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