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Christmas cranberry gin tonic – aperitif for the Christmas menu
diy christmas cocktails

Christmas cranberry gin tonic – aperitif for the Christmas menu diy christmas cocktails

Christmas gin and tonic with cranberries – a great drink for Christmas and perfect for the Christmas menu | ars textura – DIY blog #christmas recipes #recipes #gintonic diy christmas cocktails

There is still a month to Christmas and some of you have already started preparing and thinking about Christmas decorations and other details. Today's round-up is just what you need for Christmas parties and vacation periods because we're sharing the tastiest Christmas-inspired cocktails!

Who would have thought that a drink with spikes, milk, and egg yolks would be such a popular vacation drink year after year? It really stood the test of time against the mulled wines, ciders, and hot chocolates that buzzed around the Christmas parties. Here is a recipe of almond bourbon eggnog that you will definitely love.

This simple cider sangria only needs 3 ingredients to start the party. Add your favorite trimmings for a festive autumn cocktail; Perfect for vacation or sipping on the fire. Serve in a pitcher, punch bowl, or beverage dispenser if you have a large quantity.

This pomegranate champagne cocktail is easy to prepare and is great not only for Christmas, but also for Thanksgiving and any kind of family celebration. The spicy tickling of the pomegranate and citrus combination and the bubbly fizzing champagne make the party perfect!

Cranberry Mimosa Cocktail is a great idea for Christmas. If you garnish these mimosas with a sprig of rosemary and fresh cranberries, your guests will feel so special. It only takes a few extra minutes, so why not ?!

This warm-up cocktail is an interpretation of a normal Moscow mule with plain ginger syrup and soda instead of ginger beer. The perfect starter for your Thanksgiving dinner or something to have throughout the vacation.

There's something so charming about a Moscow mule, I mean who wouldn't want to enjoy a drink in a copper mug? For this Christmassy version of a Moscow mule, the author used ginger beer with tangled lime mixed with cranberry juice.

This Cranberry Irish Mule is a winter version of the Classic Moscow Mule! Irish whiskey, cranberry juice and ginger beer make this cocktail an ideal holiday cocktail.

Peppermint Mocha Martini is one of the best ideas for Christmas! Aromas of creamy chocolate and peppermint from the peppermint mocha milk jug from International Delight make this cocktail a breeze.

Sparkling Cranberry Sangria is a simple, slightly sweet cocktail! Filled with fresh fruit, red wine, brandy, juice and cinnamon - topped with club soda for shine. This is the perfect fall and winter drink!

The Tropicana Tangerine Lemonade is absolutely delicious on its own and full of light citrus aromas. The cranberry splash gives the drink its beautiful color and an additional layer of flavor.

Gin, lime juice or liquor and soda. Simple, clean and yet a killer cocktail in the taste department. Really perfect for a happy hour or a cocktail before dinner arrives at the table.

This flavored, sparkly cranberry punch with star anise and cinnamon will make you live any Christmas party this season!

These amazingly refreshing cranberry margaritas have the perfect balance between sweet and sour flavors. The simplest and most beautiful Christmas cocktail on this side of the North Pole!

This cherrytini is the perfect fruity martini! It tastes like an adult version of cherry drop candy. Packed with cherry flavor and a great alcoholic punch.

The Kentucky Candied Orange Cocktail features bourbon and vanilla cinnamon Bailey's Irish Cream to create the most delicious creamy cocktail you can try for Christmas.

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