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christmas cloche displays

christmas cloche displays

Cloches have become a decoration idea because they turn everything into a cool, highlighted decoration. Of course, you can use some for Christmas decorations too! Cloches can be used as centerpieces, mantelpiece and window sill decorations and can be easily placed anywhere in the house. We’ve rounded up some cool Christmas bells ideas that you can now make into practice with no instruction required!


A bell can be filled with ornaments, and this is one of the easiest and coolest ideas to realize. Put in some ornaments of the colors you like, add lights and voila! If it’s a vintage display, you can add beads and pearls to it. For a natural touch, you can add pine cones and evergreen plants.

Trees and pine cones

Make trees from different materials – beads and ornaments, tinsel and pipe cleaners, cardboard and paper, and so on. You can also use artificial evergreens and real evergreens and add pine cones to make your display more natural. Such a look is suitable not only for vacation, but also for winter.

Christmas scenes

Create different Christmas scenes with artificial snow, figurines and small houses and churches. The houses can also be gingerbread cookies so you can eat them whenever you want!

Industrial style is rather timeless: if you prefer something rough and masculine, if you love reclaimed and weathered wood and metal, this is a style to choose. Today we're looking at how you can incorporate this style into your kitchen decor.

Colors and styles

Industrial rooms are usually kept in more or less dark colors: graphite gray, dark wood tones, black, navy, etc. In an industrial kitchen, light colors are usually not displayed, unless it is a Nordic and industrial room. You can combine industrial style not only with Nordic, but also with Modern, Modern, Vintage, Rustic, Minimalist and many others for a catchy look. Just add styles of the styles you want or some furniture in those styles and voila!

Another idea to achieve a catchy look is to use different materials that add texture to the room: metal, concrete, stone, marble, tile, brick, weathered and reclaimed wood and many others with different finishes that can be too To match your kitchen decor. You can incorporate them in a variety of ways, from furniture to decorations.

Furniture and decor

An industrial kitchen is a space where you can boldly rock matte and even polished metal cabinets. Concrete countertops will definitely get to the point and you can also try concrete back panels and even cabinets and shelves. Think of brick walls and exposed plumbing. These are characteristic features of the industrial style. If you prefer vintage, go for vintage and shabby chic furniture. If you're contemporary and minimalist, keep everything stylish and ultra-modern. Accentuate your room with cool industrial style pendant lights and add beautiful vintage industrial stools. Even if it's a modern space, they'll get bolder and cooler. Don't forget about cool artwork or other decorations that can match. Get inspired!

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