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christmas centerpieces ideas

christmas centerpieces ideas

A centerpiece is a must have for any holiday table, and today I want to share some fresh and creative ideas that you can now easily recreate with no skills. Let’s take a look at the trendiest ideas.

Boxes and boxes

Crates and boxes can easily become a base of your centerpiece. Fill them with evergreen plants, pine cones, candles, berries, lights and bells. Paint the boxes and boxes the way you want and decorate them in the style and colors that you prefer.


A tray is another easy piece to use to create a centerpiece. Place several bold ornaments on a tray and voila, a simple centerpiece is ready! Do you want something special? Place some citrus fruits, cinnamon sticks, cranberries, and evergreen plants on the tray for a perfect holiday smell. Candles are another great idea to use to decorate a tray. That way, wax won’t sit on your table.


A wooden bowl is a perfect rustic piece to fill pine cones, candles, cranberries, citrus fruits, and various types of ornaments. Nuts and citrus fruits are a good idea to fill a bowl. Don’t forget the evergreens, they give every display a fresh touch.

Other ideas

Make a wooden frame with ornaments hanging in it, create a centerpiece on a tree trunk with cinnamon sticks, evergreen plants and cranberries. Create your own masterpiece that rocks all of these ideas you like!

A bar cart is a popular piece that can be used as a home bar or for serving drinks to your guests at the party. You can choose and make one yourself, it's not that difficult - hack some Ikea parts or remodel an old cart into a cool new one. Let's take a look at how to make a bar cart and what to do.

A bar cart is a necessary part at any party, and today we offer you to simply renovate an old one. Take a tea or bar cart and paint it how you want to make it bold and chic. The tutorial is pretty simple - just spray the bar cart and make it cool!

IKEA hacks are very popular these days as IKEA makes basic things that are easy to decorate or reuse. Turn this IKEA Kallax bookcase into a bar cart that adds casters, handles, and painting if you want - read how to make this tutorial in the source.

This DIY bar cart looks like a high-end custom bar cart and is also a little rustic. Building is a little time consuming, but it's definitely worth it, mostly because of the savings! Building materials cost less than $ 50 to build. Interested? Read the tutorial!

An old metal trolley can be turned into a chic one with a little paint. Here the authors used neon yellow to make the piece stand out, and they added rollers and handles for convenient use. Look how beautiful and glamorous it looks, do you want to do one?

IKEA hacks are probably one of my favorite DIY projects - it's so much fun adding a personal touch to an already great piece! The BYGEL Utility Cart from IKEA is a must for every home use as it offers plenty of space, robustness and lots of hooks for random objects. For these reasons, it is a perfect cart to convert into a chic bar cart.

A cool and chic bar cart is an easy and inexpensive way to add character or eccentricity to a room. This metallic bar cart is made of spray painted copper and some leather elements have been added to make the cart more refined and comfortable.

This project comes from Pinterest and adds the perfect splash of color to the room. It's way more exciting than keeping your alcohol in a closet! You need a vegetable cart, spray it in a bold shade, and add brightly colored placemats in a different color. Print out our bar car sign, put it in a frame and place it on the cart!

This old wooden bar cart has been painted ombre which is a hot decor trend right now. I love the combination of strong blue and white colors in one. Looks very refreshing! Find out how to make such a cart for a modern space.

A MULIG shelf for Ikea can turn into a chic and glamorous bar cart. Metallic gold spray paint and contact paper in a cool color make the piece a cool one easily. Read the details in the tutorial.

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