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christmas centerpieces ideas

christmas centerpieces ideas

A centerpiece is a must have for any holiday table, and today I want to share some fresh and creative ideas that you can now easily recreate with no skills. Let’s take a look at the trendiest ideas.

Boxes and boxes

Crates and boxes can easily become a base of your centerpiece. Fill them with evergreen plants, pine cones, candles, berries, lights and bells. Paint the boxes and boxes the way you want and decorate them in the style and colors that you prefer.


A tray is another easy piece to use to create a centerpiece. Place several bold ornaments on a tray and voila, a simple centerpiece is ready! Do you want something special? Place some citrus fruits, cinnamon sticks, cranberries, and evergreen plants on the tray for a perfect holiday smell. Candles are another great idea to use to decorate a tray. That way, wax won’t sit on your table.


A wooden bowl is a perfect rustic piece to fill pine cones, candles, cranberries, citrus fruits, and various types of ornaments. Nuts and citrus fruits are a good idea to fill a bowl. Don’t forget the evergreens, they give every display a fresh touch.

Other ideas

Make a wooden frame with ornaments hanging in it, create a centerpiece on a tree trunk with cinnamon sticks, evergreen plants and cranberries. Create your own masterpiece that rocks all of these ideas you like!

Your baby shower is approaching and you don't know what to serve? No problem! Make a cake, some cookies and cupcakes for all those sweet teeth that come to your party - a dessert table full of the most delicious desserts is a real must for a baby shower! Today I want to share some awesome baby shower cupcake recipes to help make yourself a reality. They are much healthier and less sugary than store-bought ones. So let yourself be inspired to bake!

These cupcakes look chic on the outside and adorable on the inside. The cupcakes taste incredibly chocolaty with the moist chocolate cake and decadent ganache. The inside can be filled with buttercream, cream cheese frosting, or mostly marshmallow frosting for fauxstess cupcakes. Not only are they great for revealing the sex of babies, but they can also be customized for party celebrations or holiday events.

These fun baby face cupcakes are great for any type of baby shower! To decorate these, you can use a cutter that forms a circle big enough to cover the top of the cake. These cakes are a fairy cake size in contrast to the cupcakes featured in the book. The following amounts apply to the fairy cake sizes.

These are the best chocolate cupcakes with the most delicious strawberry raspberry meringue buttercream. Make sure you are using softened butter that has not been at room temperature in a while and that you need to turn the attachment on your stand mixer on medium high.

These chocolate cupcakes with blue Italian meringue buttercream bake with flat tips, making them the perfect platform for festive swirls of the silky, best tasting buttercream you can imagine. The cupcake recipe makes 36. You need to double up the buttercream recipe to decorate them all, but you have a few cups of buttercream left to freeze for another day.

These are ABC decor chocolate cupcakes that are blue for a boy's baby shower, but of course you can substitute pink for a girl. The buttercream will help put the ABC book on top of each cupcake. Read the tutorial to find out how to do it all!

Check out these vanilla cupcakes with baby faces and pacifiers, aren't they cute? These are made in pink for a girl's baby shower, but you can make them blue or neutral if the gender is revealed. Such cupcakes go well with most baby shower themes.

A cupcake filled with chocolate raspberries is the perfect sweet treat. A chocolate cupcake with a rich coffee flavor is topped with raspberry buttercream frosting. These cupcakes are the perfect dessert for Valentine's Day, a baby shower, or a birthday!

Confetti cupcakes with sweet strawberry frosting! These are perfect for baby showers. If you don't have a Funfetti cake mix, just use a yellow or white cake mix and stir in some sprinkles after you mix everything else together!

Don't let these little elephant biscuits fool you. These cupcakes are a delicious combo of sweet lemon and fresh strawberries that are perfect for baby shower with light blue sugar cookies.

Fluffy, moist and buttery pink vanilla cupcake with strawberry buttercream. The cupcakes baked fluffy and rose perfectly with a delicate pink hue. They're sweet but not too sweet, buttery, and stay super moist for up to 4 days. Perfect for a girl's baby shower!

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