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christmas bar cart styling

christmas bar cart styling

Are you planning a big Christmas party and would you like to invite the whole family and friends to your home? Remember to style one or more bar carts to make your party perfect. How do I decorate it to give the room a festive feel?


Enjoy rocking evergreen garlands and wreaths on a bar cart and decorating them with lights and pine cones. Attach a small green bouquet to the corner of your car with a bow and voila – your decor is ready. Combine evergreens with plaid for a traditional Christmas look or add a fun and moody fake deer head over the bar cart.

Other ideas

Add Christmas decorations, pine cones, gifts and gift boxes, colorful garlands and signs, make wreaths of ornaments and place different figures. Also use groceries as decor, serve sugared cranberries and biscuits to make the cart more Christmassy. You can add and combine different holiday elements to make your bar cart very cool.

Rustic decor style is very popular now, it is very cozy and welcoming. Today I want to inspire you with some cool rustic bedroom decor ideas to steal for your own space.

Walls and floors

Walls, floors and ceilings can create a cool rustic feel in your bedroom. Dress them up in reclaimed wood or stone and voila - you are done! You don't have to cover everything with wood, just an accent wall behind the bed will do. With stone, one wall is enough to create a chic look. The ceiling alone can create a cool rustic feeling - just rock a wooden ceiling with beams and you're done.


Wooden beds, wooden platforms in place of the beds, chairs, love seats and wooden bedside tables will help you achieve that cozy rustic effect without being too much. The type of wood is up to you, but keep it warm to add a rustic feel to the room.


Add a touch of rustic style to your space to make it cozier and more comfortable. These could be wicker baskets, antlers, wooden boxes, jute rugs, and other things in your room without changing anything else, and it will be enough. Get inspired!

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