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christmas bar cart styling

christmas bar cart styling

Are you planning a big Christmas party and would you like to invite the whole family and friends to your home? Remember to style one or more bar carts to make your party perfect. How do I decorate it to give the room a festive feel?


Enjoy rocking evergreen garlands and wreaths on a bar cart and decorating them with lights and pine cones. Attach a small green bouquet to the corner of your car with a bow and voila – your decor is ready. Combine evergreens with plaid for a traditional Christmas look or add a fun and moody fake deer head over the bar cart.

Other ideas

Add Christmas decorations, pine cones, gifts and gift boxes, colorful garlands and signs, make wreaths of ornaments and place different figures. Also use groceries as decor, serve sugared cranberries and biscuits to make the cart more Christmassy. You can add and combine different holiday elements to make your bar cart very cool.

Resin furniture is becoming increasingly popular because it gives a bold look and makes a statement. Why is it cooler than acrylic or glass furniture? Because resin furniture can show off some items inside and look very noticeable - it's like a work of art! Would you like to see some examples? Here you are.

Dining tables and desks

A dining table or desk is an ideal piece to showcase some beautiful elements - there is a large top that can highlight something in resin. The resin is usually clear, it can be colorless or blue, for example, and the most popular example is living wood which looks very noticeable with resin. You can also find pieces with black resin and wood, they look stunning too. Such a desk or table is a nice way to add a natural touch to a modern space.

Consoles, coffee and side tables

Smaller tables are also a good idea for displaying something cool inside. It can be live edge wood, various herbs, branches and leaves, and even tree stumps! Clear resin makes all of these objects almost floating in the air - isn't that an amazing statement?

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