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chalkboard diys for kids room

chalkboard diys for kids room

Blackboards are very popular, inspiring and interactive. A blackboard is a necessary thing for every room, from the dining room to the home office. But today we’re looking at some chalkboard DIYs to find the most creative space in your home – a kids room! Let’s start.


This cute chalkboard coffee table is ideal for any room: a children’s room, a playroom, a living room or another. It’s completely covered in blackboard paint so your kids can chalk and have fun as much as possible. Bold framing is a great contrasting feature of the table.

Who needs boring shelves or strips when you can make a cool table pastel for toys and books? Your child will chalk every item on the shelf by themselves, it’s a very creative piece too. I also love the bookcase’s sweet pastel color, lavender. It will take time and some skill, but it’s worth it.

Take a regular desk and turn it into a blackboard! You don’t need any paper or other things – let your child chalk directly on the desk! The craft is very cheap and doesn’t take much time. Let your child get used to a desk and get creative.

Here is another kids’ dining table that is big enough for several kids. Take a normal table of your choice and cover the tabletop with blackboard paint so that you can chalk on it. Enjoy their creations and let them have as much fun as you want.

Hacking IKEA is what we all love to do, and this hack is for your kids – even cooler! This is the IKEA Lack table that is covered in blackboard paint and has a convenient chalk holder in the middle. It is very convenient to use as children can store chalk right on the table. Comfortable and fun!

Make a cool and fun chalkboard headboard for your kids, they will have fun chalking on it. You can give the headboard a fun shape and you will have fun chalking each other and leaving messages. Add elegant frames and silhouettes to the headboard to make it awesome.


Board toys? Never expected? But there are some very creative pieces, for example this travel table dollhouse can be moved anywhere your kids want it. You need an unfinished wooden box with a lid and a latch covered with blackboard paint. Put some dolls inside and let your kids crayon what they want.

Buy some house-shaped plywood shelves and blocks and create a fun set for kids to play with. Cover everyone with blackboard paint and let your kids draw whatever they want. They will put some furniture in it and then chalk something they like. Fun and creative!

Turn natural wood blocks into table dollhouses! Give your children colorful chalk to inspire creativity – maybe they will not only chalk home but something else as well. Let them have fun!

An old suitcase is an ideal piece to use to build a doll’s house. Cover the suitcase with blackboard paint and put some shelves in it for the kids to play. You will chalk a house outside and then put some furniture and dolls inside.

Boards for creativity

This cute dining tray is great not only for inspiring children’s creativity, but also for serving food: you can put chalk on any item on the tray. Take a regular tray and cover it with chalkboard paint to make it cooler – nothing else is required.

Make a large framed chalkboard to inspire your kids to create masterpieces. You need a large piece of plywood and a frame – nothing else, just blackboard paint. After the crafts, attach the chalkboard to the wall and let your kids have fun. But it’s also a good idea for learning!

Make a fun chalkboard plan for your kids – or let them chalk it up themselves! Make or buy a ready made chalkboard piece and give them colorful chalk markers to write down and chalk whatever they want. No need for large boards, just make a smaller version of them!

A giant framed blackboard is a must have for any kids room where the kid loves art or there are several kids who love chalk. Plus, oversized decor is a hot trend now. Make this bold and large format chalkboard and add a frame to suit your space – rustic, modern, glamorous or any other.

Chalkboard decor

Create a decor for a child’s room, and the first craft is a table ball. The amazing thing about this glove is that it is completely covered in blackboard paint except for a few brightly colored words that remain untouched. Choose words you like and inspire your child to travel!

A blackboard sign is always a good idea as it is very customizable. This sign is dedicated to the school and is therefore framed with wooden rulers, although other frames can be used if you wish. Your kids can write and draw whatever they want on this sign.

Plaid is a very traditional thing for Christmas, I would say it really screams Christmas. Checkered textiles and bed linen immediately bring the holiday spirit into the room. But you can do all of this easily and quickly without looking for textiles - decorate your Christmas tree with checkered ornaments! Here are some DIY tutorials to show you how to make some.

Checkered scarves, skirts and shirts, checkered ornaments, signs and tents, napkins, tablecloths and dishes - let's go! If you're one of us, plaid fans, and want to add a cozy chic with this pattern, make these plaid ornaments. They are inspired by the Pottery Barn collection but you don't have to buy them, just make a pair! Just cut out a square big enough to cover the entire ornament. Wrap it up and tie it, done! Enjoy!

These classic crochet plaid ornaments are perfect for your traditional and rustic Christmas and Christmas decorations. You can make them in different yarns and hooks to make different sizes. Add a few embellishments to make them go perfectly with your style. These are so fun and easy to do, and they turned out very beautiful. You can also play around with the sizes by simply changing the hook size and thread.

Autumn and winter call for cozy flannels in red and green. These rag ball ornaments are so easy to make that you can turn several of them off in no time. Now you have trendy, rustic Christmas decorations! Not only are they quick and easy to make, but they're also very light, so you can hang them almost anywhere. You can use the larger size outdoors or on railing garland. The smaller ones are great for trees and flower arrangements.

Create DIY plaid ornaments using Buffalo Check using strips of fabric and straight pins. These ornaments are definitely easy to make and I love the elegant gold tones on the balls. These ornaments will make your Christmas tree super cozy and your room very inviting. You can also use them to create various displays and bowls with pine cones and other material.

This time of year, DIY Christmas ornaments are the best craft ever, but one that only takes 15 minutes? They know it has to be fabulous! Homemade Christmas ornaments are always unique and special, and make a fun Christmas project that the whole family is involved in. Make some paper ornaments because you can create so many different styles, change the colors and patterns, and usually also make a whole bunch of paper ornaments for a very low cost. These Christmas crafts can be made by cutting the paper yourself or using your Cricut machine. Read the tutorial and make these cuties!

If you are familiar with crocheting or want to try this, this is a craft for you! These cute crochet checkered mini stockings make a cute advent calendar! This item includes a free crochet pattern for the cute checkered mini stockings, as well as a printout for the small numbers (if you've decided to turn your stockings into a Christmas countdown).

Embrace the tartan trend with this cool project! Take some cardboard ornament shapes and cover them with scraps of checked fabric. Add a gold edge, read the tutorial and do it. The project is not difficult at all and you can invite your children to participate, be inspired!

If you love rustic Christmas decorations, these plaid and burlap ornaments will fit right here this holiday season. Using some styrofoam balls and a few tools, you can easily make your own! Check out the video in the post below for all the instructions and how easy it is to make your own Christmas decorations. Get inspired!

Make a super cute buffalo plaid ornament with a fun twist - it has a pocket! This cute little upcycled Christmas ornament has a tiny pocket on the front that is the perfect size to stash a mini candy cane, a note to Santa Claus, or a small gift. Plus, it's an absolutely charming gift card holder (if you don't have full-blown shirts from your own kids, you can find them at thrift stores or kids' consignment stores for a few dollars).

These are simple Christmas decorations made from wooden circles and plaid wrapping paper - this craft is cool and easy! If you're looking for ideas for DIY Christmas decorations, give these up a try! The ornaments are modern and simple, they don't look too rustic or vintage. Just sit back and enjoy your buffalo check Christmas tree!

If you don't enjoy working with fabric, if you don't want to buy plaid wrapping paper, this craft is for you. It will show you how to make amazing plaid Christmas ornaments from white clay decorated with colored pencils! You can create any plaid and tartan look and color that you like. It's all up to you. Have fun painting the porcelain and have fun!

Here's a cool glamorous plaid Christmas ornament idea - these glitter monogram ornaments on plaid fabric. The craft is easy, takes just a few minutes and a few supplies, but it does a huge impact on the tree - yay! Glitter immediately gives the room a festive feel. Have fun!

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