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chalkboard bedroom accent walls

chalkboard bedroom accent walls

Blackboards are a creative and easy way to make your space more personal and creative, as creativity always arises: art, notes, wishes, even poetry! We keep sharing some ideas on how to incorporate them into your home decor. Today’s round-up is about bedrooms. Chalkboard in a bedroom is a completely unusual solution, and thanks to this, your decor will be much cooler!

Adult bedroom

A chalkboard accent wall can be a nice idea for any adult bedroom in any style: feminine or masculine, farmhouse or industrial, Scandinavian or glamorous, modern or minimalist – it will look great. Such an accent wall is great for people who love art, leave messages and notes, even write poetry, and want to change the look of this wall from time to time. It’s a good solution for a student or scientist who gives a lot of space for thought, and it can also be decorated with art in frames and some photos.


If you ask me I will say that a blackboard wall in any color is a perfect idea for a kid’s room. Your child can create whatever they want at any time. You can leave notes, poems, songs, and more here to make the room feel like him or her. This wall can also be decorated with various decals, photos and other things and your walls will not be spoiled with children painting on it – the walls will become a real art space! And again – a blackboard wall goes with many styles and all colors you can think of. So try at least one for your child.

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