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chalet bedrooms

chalet bedrooms

The chalet style is very cozy, it’s about a rustic decor with a touch of mountain and forest – a bit wild, a bit rough and very inviting, maybe that’s why this style is so popular today. If you want to bring it into your home, start in the bedroom, the room that sets your mood for the day you wake up. Here are some design tips and ideas.

Styles, materials and colors

A chalet room requires a touch of rustic style, but you can use another style as a base. It can be vintage, modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, or any other, or you can just keep it rustic. What you really need is a right combination of materials that Chalet screams: wood, stone, faux fur, and maybe brick and faux leather – these materials are exactly what you need here. Do you think of colors? In chalet rooms, it is mainly natural colors, earthy colors such as rust, brown, gray, green and neutrals. Of course, for a drama or any other shade that suits the style you choose, you can add black.

Furniture and decor

Rock a large stone fireplace or a built-in one to create a mood. Opt for comfortable upholstered furniture and, of course, comfortable bed linen, including faux fur items. The same goes for carpets. Hang up some candle lanterns and fancy chandeliers to light up the room. Use ancient antlers to decorate the walls or create a gallery wall inspired by mountains. Go for a large window or glazed wall and make a cozy window sill with lots of pillows and faux fur. Enjoy!

Easter is getting closer, are you puzzling how to decorate Easter eggs? Do you want something striking and unusual but you don't know what? I have some ideas for you! These Easter eggs will feed your eyes with unusual decor, and I'm sure you can repeat at least part of them.

Covered eggs

If you don't feel like coloring eggs, cover them with something! The ideas are numerous: the easiest is to take duct tape or contact paper and cover the eggs with it in various patterns and styles. Decals are another great and quick idea for getting some unusual egg decor, and you don't have to make an effort. Turn your eggs into strawberries with colored paper, your kids will love this idea! When you're ready to spend some time decorating the eggs, try decoupage techniques and the result will be stunning! There are more creative ways to decorate Easter eggs with fabric, for example. Just cover them with a fabric of your choice, add a bow, maybe flowers or art pieces and voila.

Colored eggs

If you want to color eggs, try something unique, don't make them common! These could be constellation decorations, a silk tie to dye, natural dyes, cracked shell dye, or a sakura-inspired decor that attaches sakura flowers made from polymer clay. It's up to you! Another cool idea is to decorate Easter eggs with a felt tip pen - that easy! Just write your favorite quotes and voila, unusual eggs are ready and it won't take much time.

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