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chalet bathrooms

chalet bathrooms

If you’ve been to a mountain hut or chalet before, you’ve surely been amazed at how cozy and inviting it is. Cabin or chalet styles are characterized by the use of wood, stone, and even stone. There is a lot of faux fur and knit throws. If you are repeating this style in your home or have a chalet and want to decorate it, I have some ideas to inspire you. Today we’re taking a look at chalet bathrooms that are really inviting.

Materials and colors

As I said above, furnishing the chalet is all about wood, stone and rock and that is absolutely correct. You can also use brick, metal, and some tiles that are popular for bathrooms. The amount of these materials, their colors, and how they look will depend on the styles you want to add and a color scheme you’ve chosen. Your chalet bathroom can be minimalist, modern, contemporary, vintage, glamorous and others. You can just add such accents here and there and regulate your color scheme. The bathrooms in the chalet are usually done in earthy colors and shades, all natural and inviting. You can also opt for a dramatic dark color scheme or light wood – light stained wood looks great!

Appliances and furniture

A freestanding bathtub in the style you choose is a beautiful statement for every chalet bathroom. You can put it next to the window to enjoy the view, or you can add a fireplace here. If you don’t have enough space for a vanity, go for a wall-mounted sink. A shower room can be accentuated with stone tiles or built-in lights. Add candles in candle lanterns to make your space very cozy and enjoyable!

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