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rustic touches kids rooms

Chairman rustic touches kids rooms

Custom bunk beds are designed for comfort and ease of use. Warm accents include tweed wallcovering by Phillip Jeffries and a large patchwork sheepskin rug by Mike Ragan Home. The new growth chandelier from CP Lighting gives it a chic yet rustic touch. rustic touches kids rooms

Rustic style and decor are very popular because it is not very expensive and very welcoming and cozy. There may not be any other style as inviting as rustic. No other room in your home should be as inviting and cozy as that of a child. So you should put some rustic accents, even if you don't want the entire rustic space, go into some details.

Wooden walls and floors

Cover an accent wall with reclaimed wood or choose wooden floors to give the room a cozy feel. The color of the wood can be different, it is up to you and you can create a striped wall using wooden boards. Use warm wood to make the room more cozy.

Wooden furniture

Wood furniture is another great idea for adding coziness and warmth to the room. Modern and vintage wooden beds, bedside tables, sideboards, and shelves are great for the space and are good choices as natural materials are the best for kids' bedrooms.

Wooden accessories

Wicker baskets, pots, furniture and jute carpets give the room a rustic flair. It's not expensive and very easy to create and modify whenever you want. Get inspired!

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