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boys nursery artwork ideas

boys nursery artwork ideas

Decorating a kids room is such a cute thing that you start thinking about how to inspire your little one and how to make your child’s room great and chic. Details and decorations are a must to create an ambience and artwork is number one for this purpose. Let’s take a look at how to decorate your son’s room with cool wall art and what options you have.


A sign is one of the easiest ways to decorate. You can create it yourself with materials, pictures, and quotes that you like and fit your room theme or style. I love the idea of ​​a character or two taking up the whole wall when you’re ready to spend some time. Go for cool string wall art, such as a cute sheep, whale, or fox.

Paintings and prints

If you’re a creative person, why not paint something abstract in the colors of kindergarten. This is pretty easy, and watercolor decor is very popular. If you don’t feel like painting, you can always make prints, several small or one oversized, depending on the theme and style of the kindergarten.

Art walls

Create a beautiful wall with themed motifs! Signs, photos, paintings, prints, monograms, oars, toys, whatever goes with your nursery theme is great. If it is a space inspired space, if it is an artwork with constellations of stars and stars, if it is a space by the sea, rock boats, wheels, anchors and so on.

Painting and drawing kids encourage creativity and imagination, and they'll develop unique painting projects even better! Don't limit your children to brushes, let them use everything. Blooming sakura can be easily drawn with cotton swabs, a cotton pad, cork, wrapping, and even bottle bottoms. We're sure that painting will captivate the child so much that they will try all five ways of painting a flowering tree. It's easy to turn this spring picture into a greeting card or, if you frame it, decorate a room and admire this cute kid's creation for a long time.

Video with 5 cool techniques for painting blooming sakura trees with little ones


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