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bold ceiling ideas

bold ceiling ideas

We’re all looking for bold and eye-catching ideas to decorate our walls and floors, original furniture and accessories to open up the space, but we mostly forget about the ceilings for no reason! The design of ceilings can easily become a focal point in any room, no matter how big, and there are plenty of ideas to make them super bold!

Paint your ceiling in statement colors

The first and most popular way is to paint your ceiling a light color of your choice: emerald, navy, pink, fuchsia, yellow, orange, or possibly black. To do this, you should have furniture or accessories of the same color in the room in order to leave a lasting impression, e.g. B. a pink blanket and chairs of the same shade or a yellow blanket and curtains. If you don’t have one, play with the contrast – choose a completely different and bold color for rocking. Another idea is to choose the same bold color for walls and ceilings. This way you can hug the room with a shadow. Using moldings or beams can add volume to your ceiling and make it look more sculptural. So don’t hesitate to add something if it fits.

Wallpaper and photo murals for bold ceilings

Photo and usual wallpaper are another cool way to transform your ceiling. You can use floral patterns for a girlish bedroom or bathroom, or try geometric patterns for a modern interior. The good news is, you can do all of these home renovations easily and cheaply! Check out the ideas below to choose!

A ladder is not just an ordinary piece to go up and down, such a concept can also be used for storage. You can make some warehouse ladder racks for different rooms, they can be vertical or more spacious. Another idea is to use a ladder for decorating: to bring light inside and show decor. Let's look at a few examples for inspiration.


Keep whatever you want on a ladder. It's an ideal piece for entrances, bathrooms, awkward corners, and other small and tight spaces. Put your shoes, books, frames, and other things on the ladder and hang some parts like keys, sunglasses, etc.

Displays and plant stands

Display different things on the ladder: your photos, decorations, souvenirs, candle lanterns and candle holders. Use a ladder is a plant stand and create an entire orangery in your home or balcony by placing multiple ladders with potted greenery and flowers.


Cover the ladder with lights and put it in a small corner to add light in an original and smart way without investing a lot of time or money. Another idea is to hang a ladder somewhere and put candle lights or lightbulbs on it to light up the room.

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