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Boho Stylish Bed Room – Worlds best #diy blogs
boho chic bedrooms

Boho Stylish Bed Room – Worlds best #diy blogs boho chic bedrooms

Boho stylish bedroom boho chic bedrooms

We keep sharing ideas about boho chic style suction cups like us! Today we are discussing how to achieve the boho style in your bedroom, what colors to choose and what accessories you prefer to create an appropriate mood. Let's start!

Colors and textures

With today's boho-chic style, you can basically go three ways: all neutral, black and white and colorful. The most popular idea is all neutral colors, since such colors add space to the room, are perfect for creating a peaceful mood necessary for a good night's sleep, and they look very stylish. In such a case, you need to add a lot of texture to your room: use fringes, tassels, macrame, leather and wood, as well as wooden beads, to add a wow to your bedroom. If you get colorful, opt for gypsy decorations and Moroccan items - get crazy! Another option is black and white. This is a popular idea for those who already have a monochrome room but want to freshen it up with boho decor. Just add furniture and accessories in this style and warm colors and voila!

Furniture and decor

Your bed can be anything but add a nice headboard to make it boho. Incorporate carved wooden tables and bedside tables, add metal tables and Moroccan lanterns instead of the usual lamps. Decor is an important part of a boho space, and again, it should be done right. Opt for Moroccan lanterns, woven lamps, candle holders, decorative baskets and plates, and of course textiles - Moroccan blankets and pillows with tassels and fringes. Get inspired by beautiful ideas and steal them for your home!

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