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boho porches design ideas

boho porches design ideas

If you are a fan of the trendy boho style, if you love everything free spirited and wild, then make this style stand out in your home decor and of course the exterior decor should match it. Decorate your patio, patio, balcony or veranda in a boho style and if necessary go further into the garden. Our summaries will help you incorporate the boho style into your décor. Today’s article is devoted to boho porches. Dive in!

Colors and textures

Boho rooms can be designed in two different ways: either go neutral and earthy or muted, or go bold and rock all sorts of light hues for a gypsy and eastern feel. Most contemporary designers and homeowners choose the first way to rock beige, off-whites, tan, grays, and other colors like these, adding muted red, brown, and olive green hues. Another idea is to rock fuchsia, emerald, turquoise, orange, mustard and other bright colors in any proportions.

Whichever color scheme you prefer, adding texture is important to keep your space interesting. Rattan, wood, metal, wicker, and faux fur, as well as textured fabrics, will make your porch cooler.

Furniture and accessories

Rattan and wicker furniture are your best friends here as they add a proper outdoor feel to the porch that gives the boho style. Prefer rustic and boho style, maybe you prefer more modern furniture, but this way you will get a less wild feel. Boho rugs and pillows with folk prints, macrame, bedspreads, tablecloths and curtains with tassels set the mood. Don’t forget about potted greenery, it’s one of the essential items for a boho space. Take a look at the examples below and get inspired!

Common sponges that most of us have on hand can be a cool material to use to make something for your kids! You can make various toys and simple accessories to play with, and your children can participate in the crafts. Let's take a look at some simple ideas!

Missing summer? We also! Is there anything more summery than a good old popsicle? How about 20 made of rainbow-colored dish sponges? When you are out on your colorful sponge hunt, of course keep your eyes open for different colored sponges, but also for different shapes. These popsicles are a super affordable and crazy quick DIY decoration for summer pool parties - just stick them to the wall with duct tape or tape. You could even turn them into a garland with an embroidery floss and an oversized needle. As an added bonus, the popsicles are completely removable so you can keep these sponges under the sink and use them on dishes after the party!

These sponge water bombs are a great summer activity for kids! They love to set up and count the DIY sponge water and of course toss the sponge water bombs on the ground and watch them splash! Check out how to make the sponge bombs quick and spice up your pool and bath time with these colorful cuties. Enjoy!

Freshen up your kids' bath time with this fun activity - make some bath bombs! These contain a sponge and some tape and are secured with zip ties to make them durable. You may be concerned about the zip tie, but not. If you tighten it properly, the hard button in the sponges will be lost and won't cause any problems at all.

Turn an ordinary sponge into an adorable, marine animal-inspired DIY sponge bath toy with this fun craft! Glue on some googly eyes and a little pipe cleaner mouth, use scissors to cut off other features like a rounded head and legs, then take your toy for a swim! Form a pile and have a variety of marine animals to play with while you bathe or just splash around in the sink!

Go on an adventure with this cute sponge boat with cork seals! This is a very simple project that will turn into a fun bath toy or summer game. Sponges are so easy to use and so cheap! Use any scraps of sponge as icebergs or rocks and try to avoid them in the water. You and your kids will enjoy creating and playing! Just put the captain and sailor in the boat. This crew is ready to weigh the anchor!

As soon as the sun goes down long enough to warm their faces, every child wants to play in the water. Make some floating sponge boats for your backyard water level. Keep these toys near the bath and the kids will have their boats sailed all over the harbor. Make sure to squeeze all of the water out of the sponge after playing as you don't want bacteria to build up.

It's spring cleaning time! Instead of wiping and scrubbing everything, why not recruit a few tiny hands to help? To tempt a restless child into becoming mom's little helper, try making them a personalized toy set for laundromats. In the tutorial below, we're going to show you how to turn boring sponge discs into cute sponge critters if all you want to do is convince kids that “tidying up” time is just another fun activity for the family.

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