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boho chic nursery decor ideas

boho chic nursery decor ideas

The boho chic style is number one everywhere, and more and more homeowners and designers are turning to this style in their homes. Today we’re discussing how to incorporate this style into your kid’s room to make it look the ultimate.


Since you already know what style you want, go for a color scheme. Neutrals are number one for boho chic nurseries as they make the space airy, ethereal, and light, and fill it with natural light. Neutral boho rooms are very trendy. You can add black or graphite gray to this scheme, or go for soft blush and pink for a girlish touch. Another idea is to be bold, but do this carefully: make a neutral nursery and add bright accents there – bright furniture, bright textiles, as well as toys and accessories. You can rock a printed statement wall with some boho or folk patterns.

Furniture and decor

Beautify your child’s room with different textures for stained wooden furniture, wicker, fabric, rattan and other items. Choose them vintage for a vintage feel or go contemporary and minimalist to make the space look more contemporary. Bring macrame, tassels, pom poms, and faux leather – these are materials commonly used in boho spaces. Freshen up the nursery with potted greens and even trees to give it a more natural look. A gallery wall with boho elements like macrame, wooden signs and green wreaths. Add a wicker or woven chandelier or lamps to make the room feel more boho and voila!

We told you about many wonderful front door ideas - light, black, bold, colorful, patterned and many others. Once you've decided on a color, it's time to paint the door! We have prepared a number of tutorials to help you with this.

A coat of paint is a great way to add more appeal to your home. So remove buttons and locks, use a palm sander to make the door smoother, and then use a primer and paint of your choice.

The second instruction is that of a girl. It's about painting the door in place. There's no need to pull hinge pins and drag the door somewhere to attract sawhorses. Pick a day when you can paint well. Since you need to keep your door open, it's best if it isn't too hot or too cold. If your door is a metal one, it is especially important that you do not paint so hot in a day that the metal is hot as your paint will dry too quickly and it will be difficult to get good results. Interested? Come over there and read the whole tutorial!

Painting a front door a vibrant color is getting the most bang for your buck and it can be easily changed for future updates or owners. Here the authors painted the door light green and painted it on the spot.

This damaged door was renovated: first the paneling was replaced and then painted. The door was removed from its hinges and sprayed using an air compressor with a paint gun.

Here we have a wooden and glass door. In order not to paint the glass, you need to mask it well. The door was carefully painted with a brush as it is more textured. The door hasn't been taken off its hinges so pick a good day to paint it.

The next tutorial on how to paint a front door is pretty simple. If the existing paint on the door is cracked or chipped, use a putty knife to remove it. Just be careful not to damage the door with the tool. Then smooth any rough spots with fine-grain sandpaper before washing the surface with warm soapy water. Then paint.

This tutorial is specially designed for those who have a metal door and do not want to remove it. Here's how to remove the existing paint, wipe the door, and then paint.

Don't you want to remove all hardware? Read here the best way to mask it and then easily prime and paint a glass door.

Would you like to surprise your partner? Repaint the door in bold colors while he or she is not there, like in this tutorial! Just choose flat areas for a roller and paint textures with a brush. There is a light green color here, just give it a try!

Find out how to paint all the raised panels and inserts, and how to keep painting your door for the best result without removing it from the hinges. You can find all information here in the tutorial.

Black never goes out of style, so painting your front door black is always a good idea. If you prefer a glossy look, use a sander and wipe the door. For the best result, paint the door edges first, then the sides bottom up, and add cool hardware.

This sunny yellow front door looks perfect as it has been painted well. All fittings have been removed and replaced for the vintage. Would you like to know how to do this and what hardware you used? Read the entire project.

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