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Bobbing for Donuts – Rachel Hollis
diy easter games for kids

Bobbing for Donuts – Rachel Hollis diy easter games for kids

Dessert Party Game -TheChic diy easter games for kids

Easter is just around the corner and if you have kids you need to take that into account. Prepare decor, treats and of course Easter games for your children. I want to share some DIY Easter games that are suitable for kids and play with them to enjoy the holiday. In addition, there are instructions on how to play them all. Let's look at some ideas.

The first project is dedicated to a fun board game for Easter. There are rabbits and chicks, as well as carrots and eggs, all made of clay. The game requires strategic thinking, but for the most part excellent skills in throwing the dice, also known as luck. And as it turns out, not everyone has such remarkable talent.

Here is a fun and colorful poke-a-bunny game idea. This game is a fun activity for kids in school, at home, in daycare, indoors or outdoors. The idea is to take a couple of plastic cups and cover them with paper while a couple of bunnies are hidden in them. Let your kids guess and find where they can be!

Enjoy the fun of playing the Easter Bunny Beanbag Throw! Make a cool cardboard phase with big holes and a few felt carrots to play the game. The craft is pretty simple: making a cardboard phase is easy, and carrots don't require much sewing either. Do it quick and enjoy!

Tic Tac Toe board game is a popular and traditional thing to rock. Do it for Easter! For this vacation you can go polymer clay bunnies and chicks as parts of the game. Take a wooden board and paint it to create a colorful board for the game.

Do you have a lot of plastic eggs left from earlier Easter? Then grab them and grab some plastic bottles too. Make a cool plastic egg throwing game for the coming Easter and let your kids have a lot of fun with it! The idea is pretty simple and doesn't take much time to materialize.

Here's a snap for preschoolers for Easter. It's about feeding the rabbit. You have to make some cards with carrots and a bunny in a paper bag, then your kids will feel the bunny as much as they want! You have to figure out how to open the bunny's mouth, but that's not difficult.

This is a fun paper game that is suitable for everyone. Print out the game board and hand out candy, pieces of cereal, pretzel bites and anything else you want. The person then comes back into the room and takes one square at a time to eat the candy. When he or she selects the "peep" everyone yells "don't eat the peep!" Continue until it is everyone's turn. Have one person leave the room while the other players arrange the food on the board. One piece in every square.

If your kids love to draw, this tutorial is exactly what they need! You have to draw rabbit faces and then each player takes turns rolling the dice. How to play it Start rolling to decide what type of rabbit cheeks to draw. Once everyone has pulled their cheeks, roll again to decide which face, then nose, and so on until you have a completely silly bunny face.

If you have an outdoor space, be sure to inspire your kids to go there and make an egg pop! Put something tasty in each plastic egg, cover the eggs so they remind you of candy, and hang them on the tree. All of the kids, not just yours but the neighbors as well, will come to your outside area to catch these candies!

Here is an indoor game for the youngest children. Let your kids do it themselves! The idea is to cut out some colored paper squares and attach them to each other and to the floor. Let your kids hippie jump into the places and have fun!

Go outside and play this easy and fun kid game! You need to sew a colorful parachute for the eggs and find or buy some plastic eggs. The empty plastic eggs are super light so they pop up and fly in the air easily. If it's a little windy outside, it helps the parachute get great movement. Enjoy!

This game lasts 1 minute because all you have to do is print out some sheets of paper and get some brightly colored plastic eggs, that's it! All but one of these eggs are filled with goodies. Read the tutorial to understand why.

Here's another fun Easter toss game idea. You need to make a large cardboard phase with your mouth open and some felt carrots to feed the animal. Read how to create all parts of the game and have fun with your kids - outdoors or indoors.

This game is very developed and great for preschoolers. Take lots of colorful plastic eggs and write different letters on them. Write different letters on different halves and let your children make different words on their own. Read the tutorial to get an idea of ​​such words and letters.

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