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Blush Pink White and Teal Blue Macrame Nursery Wall Hanging |  Etsy
diy woven wall art pieces

Blush Pink White and Teal Blue Macrame Nursery Wall Hanging | Etsy diy woven wall art pieces

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Boho chic and folk decor is very popular now, and if you want to add such flavor to your space in an easy way, there is an excellent way to do it - add a wall hanging. Today we're going to see how to make woven wall hangings of various types - they look very boho and aren't that difficult to make.

This cool boho wall art is made of brightly colored thread, scraps and yarn and appears to be floating in the air as the finished piece is glued to a glass or white cardboard of the frame. Looks really wow and is very convenient to wall or hang wherever you want.

This tutorial will teach you how to make a home decor rainbow pompom weave piece - an idea like this is sure to add color to your space. It's great for boho rooms and kids' rooms too, and bright pompoms attached to white thread create a bold contrast.

These wall hangings are made for the vacation, but I actually think pinks, muted greens, and whites are great for any time. You can also change the colors. The pieces look very boho and using pastel colors can add a fresh springtime touch to your room.

If you like the ocean and the ocean, this tutorial is for you! Here's how to make three pieces that show the sea, clouds, and sky. All of them are not difficult and look so beautiful together - this is a beautiful arrangement for any ocean-inspired space.

Here's another rainbow-inspired weave, and this one shows a large rainbow with pendulous colored pompons - as if it were rainbow rain falling from the cloud. Such a wall hanging is ideal for those who love bold colors and it can be hung up as a nursery mobile. Children also love bright colors and rainbows!

Don't you wanna weave Forget it! This colorful wall art is made of elastic bands and looks like a woven work of art. It's not difficult or takes a lot of effort, and you can do an ombre piece if you want. The authors are in pink and orange. So get some inspiration if you don't want to weave!

This lovely red, pink, and white piece has added texture and some posable knots as well as fringing. Let yourself be inspired and give the room a boho-chic feel. Do it on a wooden stick and hang the piece wherever you want, add a boho touch to your room!

Make your first woven wall hanging in different colors with a strong boho feel! The piece is attached to a large branch to make it more folk. The piece is pretty easy to make and has some knots and fringes in it. I totally love it and the fact that it's easy means any starter will get it.

Are you feeling patriotic? Make this amazing red, blue, and white wall hanging with long fringes and strands of pearls. The edge is longer than the weave itself, it looks unusual and I totally love it! It is an ideal craft for the 4th gradeth from July, but it can be current at any time.

Add an earthy touch to your room with this pretty wall hanging in shades of rust, orange, brown and black! Fringes and knots make it more folk and it's sure to add that folk chic to this room that makes it trendy. Find out how to weave that in the source.

This colorful wall hanging is made with an embroidery frame. It's very colorful and not traditional. I wouldn't say it has a lot of boho chic, more colors, and more fun. This is a nice idea for a colorful room, or on the contrary - for a neutral room to add color to.

This colorful piece of weave is just what you need to add fun to your space. I love the pink fringes! You also get hints of red, white, and light blue to make the room even more colorful. Enjoy the bold colors and simple weaving techniques and have fun!

This weave is a simple loom piece with different colors, knots and fringes - this is a great idea for any beginner. Make a few of these to add a boho / folk touch to your space. Now frame the pieces and attach them to the wall or put on your mantelpiece, voila!

This super colorful piece of weave is a great idea for those with a few hoops on hand. You can also turn it into a pretty and colorful dream catcher - just add some yarn and beads or feathers and you're done!

Choose strong colors! This is a pretty woven wall hanging with wool roving - so colorful, so bold! Red, pink, mint and white yarn is used for this, and its long fringes and bold look are sure to add an accent to your room. What a beautiful idea, inspired by spring or summer!

This wall hanging really inspires! The piece has negative space and black, lots of black! Negative space is very popular now and the black and white combo is timeless. Do it and make a bold statement with this woven work of art in your space, enjoy!

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